Module 6 – Lesson Study as a Model for Sustainable Arts Integration (Grades K-12)



Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 6 – Lesson Study as a Model for Sustainable Arts Integration (Grades K-12) brought to you by the Stanislaus County Office of Education and Gallo Center for the Arts.

Power point Guide for the module: Click here to access the PowerPoint Guide for this module (not available under Downloads).

Tutorial: Click here to view Module 6 Lesson Study as a Model for Sustainable Arts Integration tutorial.

This is a five phase, fourteen hour, professional development module bringing together, teaching artists, content area specialists, and classroom teachers.

Phase I is a half day professional development with all involved on arts integration.
Phase II consists of an after school session with the teaching artist to study the art form.
Phase III is developed as a day with all participants to work together in a modified Lesson Study model to develop arts integrated lessons.
Phase IV consists of teachers implementing their lessons in classrooms with support from the teaching artist and content specialists.
Phase V is the final debriefing and sharing of teachers reflections and their evidence of impact in their classrooms.

Handouts & Resources

Use the following handouts and resources to help with professional learning.

Phase I – Arts Integration
Handout: What is Arts Integration
Video: The Life Cycle of a Plant

Phase II – Teaching Artist Workshop
Handout: Dance Task Cards
Video: Arts Integration in Action

Phase III – Lesson Study
Handout: Lesson Study Norms

Phase IV – Implementation
Powerpoint: Creativity at the Core PPT Template
Handout: Adult Release
Handout: Student Release

Phase V – Debrief and Sharing
Handout: Arts Integration Planning Template
Video: Magnets
Video: Life Cycle of Turtles


In the Research document you will find web, book and periodical resources.


This module is aligned to the California State Standards including the California Arts Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.


Cheri Lloyd, Former Region 6 Arts Lead, Stanislaus County Office of Education

Cortney Hurst, Gallo Center for the Arts

For more information, contact Amy Bultena, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator and Regional Arts Lead, Stanislaus County Office of Education



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