Module 8 – Artifact Detectives: Building Knowledge in Language, History, and the Arts through Active Inquiry (Grades 3-5)



Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 8 – Artifact Detectives: Building Knowledge in Language, History, and the Arts through Active Inquiry (Grades 3-5) brought to you by the Ventura County Office of Education and Museum of Ventura County.

Tutorial:  Click here for the Module 8 Artifact Detectives tutorial.
Power point: Click here to access the corresponding Module 8 PowerPoint (Not Available Under Downloads)

Planning your Professional Learning (Content Outlines)

The following outlines can be used to break down your training. These are all available under Downloads.

  1. Welcome and Introductory Activities
  2. Primary and Secondary Sources
  3. Learning the Protocol with Lincoln
  4. Introduction to Originator and Connect
  5. Option 1 – Closing Session 1 and Opening Session 2
  6. Culturally Responsive Teaching
  7. Culturally Responsive Teaching with SCOPE
  8. Debrief and Reflect

Handouts and Resources

Use the following handouts and resources to help with professional learning.

  • Presentation Chart – This will give you an entire overview of the module
  • Handout 1 – Let’s Strategize (Blank)
  • Handouts 2a-2e: Primary Source Cards
  • Handout 3 – Marzano Vocabulary Sheet
  • Handouts 4a – 4c: SCOPE Protocol
  • Handout 5a – 5f: SCOPE Tent
  • Handout 6: Annotation Strategy 1
  • Handout 7: Annotation Strategy 2
  • Handouts 8a – 8b: Lincoln Think Sheet
  • Handouts 9a – 9i – President Lincoln Files
  • Handout 10 – Elements of Art
  • Handout 11 – Principles of Design
  • Handouts 12a – 12k: Young Lincoln Files
  • Handouts 13a – 13e: Mr. Stuart Files
  • Handout 14: Agricultural Artifact Think Sheet
  • Handouts 16a – 16e: Sugar Beet Files
  • Handout 17a – 17e: Apricot Files
  • Handouts 18a – 18e: Burlap Bag and Lima Bean Files
  • Handout 19: Culturally Responsive Teaching Think Sheet
  • Handouts 20a – 20b: Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher
  • Handout 21: Julie Tumamait Think Sheet
  • Handout 22: Chumash Object Think Sheet
  • Handouts 23a – 23i: Chumash Basket Files
  • Handouts 24: Chumash Basketry Article
  • Click Here to Download the Module 8 PowerPoint (Not Available Under Downloads)


In the Research document (available in downloads) you will find web, book and periodical resources.


ELD PI.3-5.1 , ELD PI.3-5.10, ELD P1.3-5.6

CCSS ELA 3-5 1,6, CCSS ELA W3-5.1-8, 10, CCSS ELA RI.3-5.1-7,9-10


  • Charice Guerra – Former Curriculum Coordinator, Ventura County Office of Education
  • Wendy Van Horn – Director of Education, Museum of Ventura County
  • Stephanie Enriquez – Former Content Specialist, History/Social Studies and ELF, Ventura County Office of Education

Other Education and Art Contributors

  • Patricia Campbell – Artist in Residence, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
  • George Stuart – Artist in Residence, Museum of Ventura County
  • Julie Tumamait –Artist in Residence, Museum of Ventura County


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