After School

The Arts provide students in school and after school settings the opportunity to actively engage in the learning process by providing them ways to create, collaborate, and innovate.

The visual and performing arts in school and after school programs provide multiple opportunities for students to learn a diversity of skills through active learning.

Through dance, music, media arts, theatre, and visual arts, students learn a wide range of critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills. Perhaps one of the most important benefits is that creative learning cultivates deeper learning and builds multiple kinds of literacy including reasoning, imagining, dexterity and many unique forms of expression.  The arts provide students many lenses to view history, culture, and the world around us.  We know that the creative work force is looking for 21st century learners that have the creative capacities to solve complex problems. Through extended day learning opportunities, the arts open up new doors for creative expression!

Check out the resources below that will help you build a quality arts and after school program with extended learning opportunities that support coursework in the visual and performing arts!

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