January/February 2020-21 ARTS SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT


January/February 2020-21

Inside this Report

– CISC/Arts Subcommittee Members
Creativity at the Core Professional Learning Modules
– CCSESA Statewide Arts Update
– State Arts Update
– The California Arts Project (TCAP) Update
– Professional Development Opportunities
– Regional Highlights
Counties on the Move Publication
– CISC Committee Goals


Curriculum and Instruction Arts Subcommittee Chair
Dr. Gary Waddell, Assistant Superintendent, Equity & Educational Progress Division & Public Affairs, Santa Clara COE – gwaddell@sccoe.org

Curriculum and Instruction Arts Subcommittee Co-Chair
Jeanette Spencer, Senior Advisor for District Support & Educational Leadership, Butte COE – jspencer@bcoe.org

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Statewide Arts Initiative
Sarah Anderberg, Director sanderberg@ccsesa.org

California Department of Education (CDE)
Diane Crum, Education Programs Assistant dcrum@cde.ca.gov
Letty Kraus, Education Programs Consultant lkraus@cde.ca.gov
Allison Frenzel, Education Programs Consultant afrenzel@cde.ca.gov

The California Arts Project (TCAP)
Kristine Alexander, Executive Director kalexand@csusb.edu

Regional Arts Leads

REGION 1 Arts Lead
Stacy Young
Humboldt County Office of Education syoung@hcoe.org

REGION 2 Arts Lead
Jennifer Spangler
Butte County Office of Education jspangler@bcoe.org

REGION 3 Arts Lead
Dr. L. Steven Winlock
Sacramento County Office of Educationswinlock@scoe.net

REGION 4 Arts Lead
Derek Fenner
Alameda County Office of Educationdfenner@acoe.org

REGION 5 Arts Lead
Sofia Fojas
Santa Clara County Office of Educationsfojas@sccoe.org

REGION 6 Arts Lead
Amy Bultena
Stanislaus County Office of Education abultena@stancoe.org

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Aaron Bryan
Fresno County Superintendent of Schoolsabryan@fcss.org

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Kate Stover
Tulare County Office of Educationkate.stover@tcoe.org

REGION 8 Arts Lead
Anna Belitski
Ventura County Office of Educationabelitski@vcoe.org

REGION 9 Arts Lead
Pauline Crooks
San Diego County Office of Education pcrooks@sdcoe.net

REGION 10 Arts Co-Lead
Armalyn De La O
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schoolsadelao@sbcss.net

REGION 10 Arts Co-Lead
Louisa Higgins
Riverside County office of Educationlhiggins@rcoe.us

REGION 11 Arts Lead
Jeannine Flores
Los Angeles County Office of Education flores_jeannine@lacoe.edu

List of Regional and County Arts Leads

Click here to view and/or download a complete list of Regional and County Arts Leads


New Module
CCSESA is pleased to announce the launch of Creativity at the Core Module 22:California Arts Standards for Public Schools: Resources for Learning & Implementation developed by San Diego County Office of Education and Santa Clara County Office of Education. This Module will provide educators with an overall understanding of the California Arts Standards structure and purpose as well as the opportunity to do a deep study into one or more arts disciplines. Hats off to Pauline Crooks (San Diego), Sofia Fojas (Santa Clara) and Jeannine Flores (formerly from Santa Clara and now at LACOE).

Check out the full suite of modules developed by Regional Arts Leads and Arts Organization Partners

Explore CCSESA’s statewide programCreativity at the Core. Here you will find professional learning modules focused on many key topics that support arts learning and Common Core Standards. You will see how regional teams including Regional Arts Leads from across California and key Arts Organization Partners collaborated on professional learning materials that we hope you will be able to use in your own educational and arts settings.

Plans are underway to continue to expand the Creativity at the Core resources and update some of the earlier modules with new information. During the 2020-21 academic year, some of CCSESA’s CISC /Arts Subcommittee members will be working on the following modules:

Module 4: Alameda COE – Creativity in Court and Community Schools (Grades 6-12)

Module 5: Santa Clara COE – ACTOS Arts Integration Culturally Responsive Arts Learning Across the Curriculum Tied to Common Core (Grades K-8)

Module 14: Fresno CSS – Arts Integration as a Model of Rigorous Instruction: Connecting Arts Learning with the Common Core State Standards

Module 23: Los Angeles COE – Media Arts for Elementary Classroomsnew resources to support distance and online learning and professional development

Module 24: Butte & Stanislaus COEs – Visual Arts and Distance Learningnew online module aligned to the California State Standards


CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN)

In January, the CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) meeting spotlighted guest speakers: Sofia Fojas (Santa Clara County Office of Education) and Emiliano Valdez (Monterey County Office of Education) who facilitated a rich conversation focused on the CCSESA Creativity at the Core Module 5: A.C.T.O.S. Arts integration: Culturally Responsive Arts Learning Across the Curriculum Tied to Common Core (Grades K-8). Participants learned a methodology showcased in the module (A.C.T.O.S.) as well as a wonderful “place making” activity.

At the February 23rd CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) meeting, Peggy Burt shared information regarding preparing funding proposals which included tips and strategies and participants discussed topics in small groups.

If you haven’t already, please join us to learn, share your voice, and expand the field’s understanding of the specific strengths and challenges of our rural areas as we continue to work to offer equitable, accessible arts education for students across the state. We invite you to attend our next meeting on March 23rd from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.

Click HERE to read the initial announcement regarding the CCSESA Rural Arts Network.


Art of Everything Leadership Series

CCSESA Arts Initiative partnered with CREATE CA to launch the first session in a series of five, focused on the book written by Dr. Gary Waddell, The Art of Everything Leading for “WE” in the Age of “ME.

The first session kicked off on January 19th followed by the second session on February 19th. The remaining three sessions will be on the 3rd Fridays in March, April, and May from 9:30-11:00 a.m.

This interactive series focuses on key elements of leadership. Course credits available through CSU San Marcos.


Rural Arts Education Webinar: Finding Your Own Yellow Brick Road in Challenging Times – A National Dialogue

February 5, 2021
9:30-11:30 a.m. PST
12:30-2:30 p.m. EST

Gain greater understanding of the rural context by engaging with national experts, Dr. Lisa Donovan, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Clayton W. Lord, Americans for the Arts. Also presenting is Peggy Burt, Mindful Strategies, Erica Barreto, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; and Hector Marquez, Pulse Arts, Inc.

Learn a strategic mapping process created by Americans for the Arts; Engage in interactive processes and network with other leaders from across the country; Gain greater understanding of the rural context by engaging in a national conversation; Consider perspectives from next generation leaders; and walk away with a map for shaping strategies.


Teacher as Curator – New Book Release

Sarah Anderberg (CCSESA) and Dr. Lisa Donovan (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) were pleased that their recent book Teacher as Curator was released by Teachers College Press. The book provides a roadmap for using creative strategies to engage both educators and students in the learning process. Focusing on key qualities of culturally and linguistically responsive arts learning, chapters specifically demonstrate how arts integration strategies and formative assessment can be a catalyst for change in the classroom. Readers will be inspired by teachers and practitioners who have donned the role of curator to achieve significant results. Kindergarten–college educators will find research-based protocols and practices that they can translate into any educational setting. In digestible chapters, this resource provides a theoretical base for building artistic literacy into the curriculum and for developing multimodal opportunities for students to demon­strate their understanding of content.

CCSESA Arts Newsletters

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Join @PCrooks_VAPA, @VAPAJeannine, @aaronbryan, and other arts education leaders from across the state for the #CaArtsEdChat, a Twitter Chat held every Wednesday from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. We’re growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Join us as we discuss topics such as: the newly adopted CA Arts Framework; integrating the arts and technology; arts and anti-racism; and much more! New to Twitter, or just want to learn more about the Twitter Chat or see the questions in advance? Visit www.bit.ly/CaArtsEdChat2020.

California Department of Education

Exemplary Arts Application for grades 7-12 is now live: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/ea/

This program recognizes some of California’s exemplary schools for excellence in Arts Education. Schools selected for the Exemplary Arts Education Award demonstrate broad-based achievement in Arts instruction and for advancing the Arts for all students. 

The California Department of Education Exemplary Arts Awards were just announced for grades 7-12 and here is the link: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/sr/ea/

Get your students podcasting, creating videos, or designing solutions to real-world problems during second semester with KQED’s Youth Media Challenges. Each YMC includes curriculum resources to support self-directed learning while allowing for student choice and content alignment. This is a challenge, not a contest, aligned to CTE anchor standards. Be ready for the launch of our student showcase site this spring where every participating student can share their voice.

Click here to learn more, preview curriculum, and sign up.

Create CA’s March as Arts Education Month – Social Media Toolkit

This Arts Education Month,  we invite you to join forces with Create CA to show how #ArtsEdRebuilds. From building leaders to reviving our economy, arts education is and will continue to be more essential than ever. Starting February 22nd use the sample posts in our social media toolkit at  http://bit.ly/ArtsEdRebuilds to promote and  recognize the importance of a full and relevant arts education! Join the conversation using the hashtag #ArtsEdRebuilds.

California Alliance for Arts Education & Create CA Merger Partner Announcement

We are thrilled to see our friends and partners at California Alliance for Arts Education (the Alliance) and Create CA seizing an opportunity to become stronger in the fight for every student’s right to receive an arts education by merging their organizations. This merger builds on a longstanding partnership and unites them in their shared mission to make sure that a quality arts education is part of every student’s life.

Operating together under the Create CA name, they will combine the power of Create CA’s dynamic communications and innovative data project with the Alliance’s proven policy and advocacy track record and statewide network supporting districts and counties to provide a full arts education to all students. They recognize that students who are low income and of color face the greatest barriers to a full and relevant arts education. Collectively, they will continue to fight for students to get what they need and deserve, because ultimately they know this is an equity issue. 

By coming together, they’ll go farther faster in insisting that arts education is a student right. With the stakes higher than ever, we’re so excited about what they will do together.


TCAP’s Upcoming Arts Education From a Distance Professional Learning Programs
Until conditions change, all of TCAP’s professional learning programs, district-based programs,  and statewide programs are being offered through online platforms. TCAP’s From a Distance programs provide support for teachers in teaching the arts in hybrid, face-to-face, or in distance learning formats, arts education professional learning communities,  and to schools and districts improving or expanding their arts programs. The programs may bridge to face-to-face professional learning when conditions allow. Please visit www.tcap.net or email reach.tcap@gmail.com for more information on any of TCAP’s programs or services.

For more information on TCAP’s programs or services please email reach.tcap@gmail.com.

Click HERE to read about the many offerings of TCAP


UPDATE – Please note that events listed below are currently open for registration and that event organizers continue to monitor current federal and state health guidelines.

MARCH 2021

March 25, 2021
3:00-5:00 pm
Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms – Session 6 CELEBRATION
Presented by the Los Angeles County Office of Education

MAY 2021

May 22, 2021
2:00-4:00 pm
California Student Media Festival (CSMF)

REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS – Submitted by the Regional Arts Leads of the CISC/Arts Subcommittee

Region 1 Humboldt County Office of Education – Stacy Young, Regional County Arts Lead


Since early January 2021, 22 teachers and principals of Del Norte County Unified School District have logged close to 200 hours of training and reflection on integrating the arts and creative skills in their schools. Led by the Arts and Creativity Initiative, they’ve focused on further implementation of the methods for Reading Art Across the Curriculum, employing Adobe Spark software with students, and developing awareness of myriad other software applications. 

Key to these areas of growth is the time the teachers have spent reflecting on their practices.  As teachers modify projects for distance learning, in particular some visual arts production lessons, one 4th grade teacher noted: “Really there are no excuses for not teaching any of the [ACI] art lessons through Zoom. Students truly appreciated the experienced and begged to do more.” -Luis Pelayo

As teachers reflect on all the changes they’ve had to make this year, they realize that they can help their students grow even through traumatic times, with awareness such as this from a T-K teacher, Diana Lee: “I realized life is art, we are like a piece of clay and we have the ability to shape into something unique and wonderful or sad and depressing but the choice is ours.”

 Repeatedly teachers testify to the importance of meeting together, that the connection sustains and encourages their professional and personal efforts. When prompted to consider what really motivates them, Kari Antonetti, a grade 5 teacher was able to reflect that, “I appreciated that this exercise helped me to refocus my attention onto why I choose to teach, rather than all the things that have been changed or taken away from me as an educator this year.”


Humboldt County is honoring senior musicians who would have participated in the 65th annual All County Music Festival this year. https://hcoe.org/all-county-music-festival/2021-senior-showcase/ HCOE is providing ongoing professional development to all teachers, teaching artists, coordinators and administrators for the Arts & Creativity Initiative. Humboldt is also preparing the Regional Arts Forum: Creative Education Symposium- Connecting the Arts to SEL, April 3. Registration is open https://my.hcoe.net/event/creative-education-symposium-2-0/ Keynote speakers are: Ping Ho, Jonathan Juravich, and Stuart Stotts. This virtual symposium will include breakout sessions to strengthen empathy and resilience in schools. Click here to view event flyer.

Humboldt County Office of Education Opens Registration for Virtual Creative Education Symposium – Connecting the Arts to SEL – Strengthening Empathy and Resilience in Schools

National Keynote Speakers:

Ping Ho – Director/founder UCLA Arts&Healing
Stuart Stotts – Kennedy Center Teaching Artist & Author
Jonathan Juravich – Host of Drawing with Mr. J Television Series & 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year

Breakout Sessions:
Rhythm and Movement for Resilience
Ping Ho/ UCLArts & Healing 
Children’s Literature to Facilitate SEL Conversations
Jonathan Juravich/ 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year

Storytelling 101:
Stuart Stotts/ Kennedy Center
Metamorphosis: Connecting SEL, Science, & Art 
Jennifer Coull/ Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
Collaborative Poetics: Building Community & Understanding
Derek Fenner/ Alameda County Office of Education
Using Soundtrap to Make Music Online
Lawrence Grey/ Young Producers Group
SEL Through Movement
Laura Muñoz/ Round Story & Enlace Comunitaria, Arcata Playhouse 
Culturally Responsive Arts, Hip Hop Curriculum
Maggie Peters/ Klamath Trinity Unified School District
Reading People in Children’s Literature Illustrations
Melanie Rick/ Focus5 Inc.

This interactive online professional development features:  Storytelling, Visual Art, Movement, Music, Arts Integration and more!


Lake County is moving forward with the Arts Integration Grant program. We have been ordering art materials for teachers to support the curriculum training from January and March. With the support of our teacher artists, we offered a make-up class for the January training. We are excited to begin to support our teachers as they enter the hybrid stage of teaching this next few months.  


The Get Arts in the Schools Program (GASP) is providing a diverse range of Arts opportunities for students with the support of local teaching artists. Projects include an exploration of the ancient process of Japanese marbling Suminagashi and a virtual journey into writing, visual illustration, and spoken word/recording, culminating in a radio show. Teachers from 6 schools within Mendocino County are actively participating in the Arts and Creativity Initiative (ACI) which supports the integration of arts into the core curriculum. We are excited to be providing five-part professional development series exploring how visual and performing arts may be used across content areas to support equity and engagement. 


The Sonoma County Office of Education, in coordination with the Sonoma County Arts Education Alliance, has been awarded a $7,000 grant from CCSESA to continue the work begun in 2020 in customizing the Sonoma County Arts Education Framework to meet the needs of rural districts.  Grants will be awarded to a least three districts in late April, and the work will be done between May and August of 2022.  In addition, SCOE will be hosting its annual Five Minute Film Festival in May in a virtual space.

Region 2 Butte County Office of Education – Jennifer Spanger, Regional County Arts Lead


Butte COE (BCOE) Celebrates Arts Education Month in March
In early March BCOE kicked off a pilot project for Butte County teachers to access online learning modules on arts integration while earing credits from CSU Chico. The modules are part of the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Technology Enhanced Learning program. K-6 teachers were invited to join a cohort to independently study all eight modules in April and May and meet periodically to discuss.

Also in March BCOE released a video teaser that advocates for arts education and promotes our Case Studies of Arts Education in Rural Schoolshttps://spark.adobe.com/video/Qju9rJOY23At5). The case study project features best practices in arts education at five rural schools in Butte County (https://youtu.be/boKCyfvXwJk). It was developed with a grant from the Stuart Foundation and support from CCSESA Arts Initiative.

The 7th Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show will be entirely on line this year by  utilizing Google Sites. Although many visual art teachers report that students completed fewer projects this school year, the number of submissions reached nearly 100 (same as previous years) and 11 of the 13 county high schools are participating. Judging by a three member panel will also be online. The awards reception hosted by Superintendent Sakuma will be live via zoom on March 30th. First place winners in six categories will be announced and each winning student will be asked to read their artist statement.


Shasta COE Initiates Annual Arts Showcase Online
Launched in February, Shasta COE produced its first annual student showcase to celebrate both visual and performing arts education in Shasta county schools. 10 K-12 schools participated in this first online showcase. Samples of work are featured below and at Arts Alive! Student Showcase.


Mobile STEAM Project of Trinity COE (TCOE) Emphasizes Arts
New Arts centered lessons and equipment for the Trinity COE STEAM Mobile Unit have proven popular. Through a partnership between TCOE and Butte County Office of Education eight new STEAM lesson activities and assessments were developed by Cris Guenter, Arts Education and Technology specialist and new Makey Makey kits were purchased in December 2020.  In the first few months of 2021 Tim Nordstrom, TCOE Director of Education Services trained two administrators, two community partnership (cradle to careers) staff, and three teachers. He also taught art lessons at two different schools in grades 4 to 8 and a class of grades 2 through 5. Also during this period two different rural schools and a community partnership team have borrowed the kits for use at their sites.

Region 3 Sacramento County Office of Education – Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Regional Arts Lead


The SCOE Arts Community of Practice (COP) meets monthly throughout the year. The SCOE Arts COP is comprised of the following groups: 

-Local Art Organization, up to twenty-six represented
-VAPA Art Leads from Thirteen Capital Region School Districts
-VAPA Art Leads from Private and Charter Schools
-Representatives from the City of Sacramento 
-Board Members from the Non-Profit supporting Art Education, Friends of Sacramento Arts

The Arts COP meetings center around the implementation of Art Education in schools throughout the Sacramento Region. To enhance collaboration and to better support each other, each meeting highlights a School District and an Art Organization giving a presentation to the COP members to show them what is going on in the schools in their district, and what is being offered for Art Education by the Art Organizations. The PowerPoint Presentations bring up robust discussions from District to District with many ideas being brought to light, as well as the many educational offerings from the Art Organizations. 

The Arts COP focuses on joint professional development, such as Art Advocacy and professional development for teachers and teaching artists. The Arts COP invites members of the Art Community that can enlighten the COP members on the work that is being done in the City of Sacramento around art education. As an example, Megan Van Voorhis, Cultural and Creative Economy Manager at the City of Sacramento recently spoke at an Arts COP meeting to introduce her new role in the City of Sacramento and give some history on her background and accomplishments. 

County Art Leads Community of Practice in Region 3 is meeting every other month. The purpose of this COP is to identify the art education happening in schools within each of the counties located in Region 3. The County Art Leads review areas where they can support schools in the implementation of art education and professional development and make suggestions to further support their schools in implementing art education.

Sacramento County Crowns 2021 Poetry Out Loud Winner!

For the second consecutive year, Eden Getahun from C.K. McClatchy High School (Sac City USD), has won the Sacramento County Poetry Out Loud competition which was a virtual event this year. Noramon Ransibrahmanakul, from Mira Loma High School (SJUSD), is the Sacramento County runner-up.

Participants in the county competition recorded videos of their recitations, which were scored by a panel of judges. The winners were announced during a celebration held by video conference on February 11, 2021.

Eden Getahun will represent Sacramento County in this year’s state finals, which will take place March 11-12th.

The Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium (SECC) did a broadcast of the awards announcement and celebration event on cable television from February 22-28th.

Photo (left) of some of the Poetry Out Loud participants, Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Executive Director School of Education (left center), and EMCEE, Tim Herrera, SCOE Communications Director (center).

About Poetry Out Loud

The Sacramento County Poetry Out Loud competition encourages high school students to learn about great poetry through memorization, performance, and competition. The program provides students with the opportunity to perform poetry in English classes. Modeled after the National Spelling Bee, students start by competing in their local schools. Winners then progress to regional and state competitions, with state winners competing at the national level. Poetry Out Loud was launched nationwide in 2006.

Sacramento County’s Poetry Out Loud program is supported by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), California Poets in the Schools, and the Poetry Foundation. This activity is funded by the California Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Region 4 Alameda County Office of Education – Derek Fenner, Regional Arts Lead

CCSESA collaborative webinar featuring counties from Region 4 & 5

April 15, 2021 – The Arts Anti-Racism & Climate Change: Strategies from the Bay Area

In these unprecedented and challenging times, the arts bring inquiry, voice, and creativity to support the processing and understanding the complex issues our communities are facing. This webinar, a collaboration among six counties in the Bay Area, offers creative and critical strategies using the arts to support teaching and learning. Counties presenting include: Alameda, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, & San Mateo.

Click her to view flyerClick here for more information or to register


April 22, 2021 – Arts Learning Promising Practices from the Field

Educators in Alameda County are using the arts in ways that help students express the context of their lives, learn content in deeply engaging ways, and build the creativity needed to address the inequities in our communities and world. Join us for inspired presentations by educators in Alameda County, as they share the critical ways the arts have an impact on the lives of their students.
Click her to view flyerClick here for more information or to register


Join San Mateo County Office of Education’s Arts and Restorative Learning Coordinator, Michelle Holdt, and colleagues to connect and dive deep to explore connections between arts making and equity in education. These meetings are drop-in and will be both hands-on and interactive. 

Open to all. 

Mondays – March 15, April 12, May 17 from 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Zoom link: https://smcoe.zoom.us/j/8225416326

Please plan to come to the first meeting ready to discuss how equity has shown up in your arts education work in the times of distance learning…

Also, have paper, scissors, a glue stick and some markers/pens so that we can make art while we talk and connect.

Region 5 Santa Clara County Office of Education – Sofia Fojas, Regional Arts Lead


The application process has closed on this year’s cycle of funding of mini-grants to teachers to support arts learning in the classroom.  The program is underwritten by the Warmenhoven Family Foundation and is a partnership of SV Creates and the Santa Clara County Office of Education.  This year, the grants will extend through December 2021. Since its inception in 2012, it has given over $500,000 to teachers in order to engage arts organizations in delivering arts instruction in the classroom.

Artspiration is continuing to host a community of practice led by two of our team members: Aimee Espiritu and Kati Silva. For questions, contact Kati Silva at ksilva@sccoe.org, Aimee Espiritu at aespiritu@sccoe.org or for registration, contact Esther Chong at echong@sccoe.org.

Unpacking White Supremacy:  January 20, February 24, March 17, April 14. In this series we will engage in critical dialogue about the distortions of US history as well as analyze and engage with this history from a liberatory lens to transform the learning environment for students.

Indigenous Ways of Knowledge and Learning: 
May 26 and June 9, 2021

This series will give participants an opportunity to explore our relationship to history, land, and community.

Winter Celebration of the Arts in Schools

Needless to say that it has been a tough year in teaching the arts in ways that they have been traditionally taught.  Included are examples of the innovative ways students learning in the arts have been celebrated as we reach the end of our second semester in distance learning.  Sending a big debt of gratitude for the support of administrators and arts teachers for the work they do with the students in our county!

The Arts Cluster in Alum Rock Unified School District, Winter Showcase:  Click here to view gallery

The schools represented in this selection of work make up the arts-focussed schools in ARUSD – Joseph George Middle School, Cureton Elementary, Lyndale Elementary,  and Linda Vista Elementary

Tom Matsumoto Elementary School, Evergreen SD, Festival of Lights

As reported in the Evergreen Times  

Fantasy of Lights Slide Show

Hoover Middle School, San Jose Unified SD, Visual Arts Showcase

Thanks to Principal Palmeri Farias and teacher Katherine Leung!

Martin Murphy Middle School, Morgan Hill USD, Arts Walls

Thank you teacher Cheree Bailey!

Thanks to all the teachers, parents, principals and district office leaders for their support of the arts in schools!


2020 – Focus on arts integration through civic engagement and youth empowerment:

High school students in Monterey and San Benito counties finalized digital media projects to support the CENSUS 2020 movement. Students developed the scripts, filmed local speakers and supported the creative editing and production process in the We Count, We Rise movement. Find one sample video project HERE.  

In fall of 2020, students engaged in developing their voice through spoken word. Students from across Monterey County participated in a series of youth empowerment events and learned to speak their truth through the power of poetry and spoken word. Through conversations about race and equity, students found their voice and performed in the MCAET Black Box Theater. This work was facilitated by Christian Paige- artist, poet, and racial justice leader.

Monterey County Pops worked with elementary school students to provide virtual music lessons and performances throughout the fall. South county districts focus on music education in a virtual setting.


Support for Teachers & DistrictsWe are returning to school by supporting our districts and classroom teachers with Hybrid & Distance Learning. Working with Visual Art and Music Teacher Leaders, we are examining Arts Integration: What Is It & How To Do It. We are incorporating content from two core subject areas such as “dancing” to build geometric shapes, creating a song from a fictional text, drawing scientific illustrations of photosynthesis.  “A rich and affirming learning environment promotes participatory and inclusive learning in and through the arts for all students.” ~ CCSESA Arts Initiative

On-Going Meetings for Music, Visual Arts, and Theater Teachers
During this time of Distance Learning, we all need all of the support we can get  —whether it be for learning new tech platforms or engagement strategies such as Nearpod and Jamboard; acquiring new games such as Kahoot; experimenting with ways to get our students to show us their beautiful faces even for a moment; exploring hybrid learning; or connecting with our colleagues to share our challenges and sweet successes. Every week, the teachers from the different Arts disciplines meet to talk about these topics.

Santa Cruz COE in Collaboration with the Santa Cruz Symphony and Carnegie Hall present  Link Up Orchestra Rocks!
Once again this year, we are partnering to bring the Orchestra Rocks to our county’s 4-5th grade students. We offer ongoing professional development to our teachers and teaching artists throughout our community.

Kuumbwa Artist Workshops & Residencies
We are very fortunate to have a partnership with Kuumbwa Jazz Santa Cruz. During this time of Distance Learning, they are bringing a series of educational videos to our music classrooms called Artist In the Schools. Additionally, they are working with music teachers in the winter and spring to bring workshops and residencies to the Zoom classroom.

Poetry Out Loud 2021 

The Santa Cruz County Office of Education in partnership with the Arts Council Santa Cruz will once again be bringing Poetry Out Loud to our high school students. This year, Poetry Out Loud is doing the “Pandemic Pivot” and shifting to a virtual format. We are looking forward to supporting our students in engaging in Poetry Out Loud 2021.


The SBCOE is in the process of working toward a Strategic Arts Education Plan for the County.  Facilitated by Peggy Burt, statewide arts education consultant of Mindful Strategies, the plan will bring together a diverse team of stakeholders, and will increase access and equity to arts education. The plan will include strategies  for Social Emotional Learning and the Arts, as well as STEAM. The planning process will kick off in early 2021 and will be completed by May/June 2021.

San Benito County Students Showcase Art!

On Feb 25, students around San Benito County showcased their artistic talents at the Virtual Arts Showcase. Sponsored by SBCOE and SBC Arts Council, the event consisted of student performances, including dances, songs, poetry, and art lessons–and a family Zoom dance party! Visit: https://sites.google.com/sbcoe.org/2021sbcartsshowcase/home  

Upcoming Event: The STEAM EXPO – March 18, 2021

Region 6 Stanislaus County Office of Education – Amy Bultena, Regional Arts Lead


Stanislaus COE is partnering with local arts organizations to provide targeted student opportunities for students to engage in the arts.

Stanislaus COE is providing virtual fieldtrips to area students that integrate the arts.

The Stanislaus COE is partnering with the Stanislaus Union School District on year 4 of the Professional Development for Arts Education grant (PDAE) which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Stanislaus COE is partnering with the Butte COE to develop a new module for the CCSESA Creativity at the Core project about integrating Visual Art and History Social Science.

The Stanislaus COE developed a website to support Arts teachers and distance learning

The Stanislaus COE developed and shared a guidance document for region, county, and district leads about how to safely conduct Arts classes in the era of COVID-19.

Stanislaus COE is offering quarterly “Fine Arts Teacher Collaboratives” wherein Arts teachers meet virtually build community and discuss strategies to support one another and student arts learning.

The Stanislaus COE developed “Promising Practices on Demand,” a series of short videos designed to provide meaningful overviews and introductions to practices, skills, and techniques that support distance learning. So far, three of the videos support Arts learning.

Stanislaus COE hosted a region 6 virtual student art showcase

Amador, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne COEs are participating in the Rural Arts Network

Stanislaus COE and Tuolumne COE each offer a monthly fine arts newsletter

San Joaquin COE Artist-in-Schools program pivoted to offer video sessions and compiled a vast K-8 video library

Stockton USD in San Joaquin County hosted a virtual “Got Talent Showcase”

Summerville HS in Tuolumne County has shifted to provide outdoor rehearsal for Music programs; the classes are at maximum capacity. The school has acquired 40 new keyboards to accommodate more students!

Stanislaus County Office of Education is proud to proclaim March as Youth Arts Month. The Stanislaus County Student Art Showcase is an annual event celebrating student achievement in the visual and performing arts. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the show has pivoted in 2021 to be a virtual event. All disciplines are included in this showcase: Dance, Music, Media Arts, Theater, and Visual Arts. The powerful artistic skills, strengths, and techniques evidenced in the artworks and performances this year are a testament to the power of creating and making during challenging times. https://www.stancoe.org/division/student-art-showcase

Region 7 – Tulare County Office of Education & Fresno County Superintendent of Schools – Kate Stover & Aaron Bryan, Regional Arts Co-Leads


The Highway 99 Youth Arts Council has officially been formed with a core group of 13 students from across Region 7. This group is designed to provide a platform for authentic student voice and advocacy efforts within the field of Arts Education. Members are currently identifying issues important to their work, drafting their governance structure, and building out their communications assets. There is great potential in this group, and we are excited to witness the development on this front. For more information on the Highway 99 Youth Arts Council, contact Cara Goger at goger@mariposaartscouncil.org.


Arts Education Month

The Fresno County Superintendent of Schools and the Fresno County Board of Education adopted a resolution recognizing March as “Arts Education Month” in Fresno County.

In celebration, FCSS is hosting a virtual arts showcase celebrating the creativity and innovation of students throughout Fresno County during this time of distance learning. Visit vapa.fcoe.org to view the gallery.

Arts + SEL

The work of the FCSS VAPA was highlighted in the March SEL Newsletter from the California Department of Education. For more information on how the arts support social emotional learning for students and adults, contact Aaron Bryan, FCSS VAPA Director, abryan@fcoe.org


Kings COE continues their county-wide Arts Newsletter, which allows districts to highlight ways the arts are being implemented within their district. Be sure to check out all of the exciting arts activities and learning taking place at Kings County by visiting https://www.smore.com/8cfpn.


Madera County ArtsFest is an art competition open to all students currently enrolled in grades K-12 in Madera County. Students may enter 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, and still photography pieces. This year’s event will showcase the artwork in two virtual galleries, one displaying all entries and one showcasing the winning pieces. The ArtsFest is designed to stimulate intellectual and artistic growth and achievement. It is designed to encourage public interest in and awareness of outstanding art programs in schools.

Liberty High School, Golden Valley USD in Madera County is in the middle of their 13th year of ROP/CTE Digital Photography. The class foundation is based in photography, with work in the studio, on the sports fields, and in the arts. The students work in Adobe Suite Products, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and even video work in Premiere. Each year multiple students from the class venture off to college using their photography skills to start side businesses and create art.

Madera USD takes pride in their arts education program. All students, beginning in Pre-K through fourth grade receive music instruction each week. In addition, students at the fourth-grade level may also choose string orchestra, and choir class that meet two times per week. At selected sites, students receive training in Mariachi at grade three with the option of continuing that instruction until grade 12. Students in grades 5-12 have the option of music instruction for band and choir.


We are continuing to develop our Arts Now Community in Mariposa to advocate on behalf of equitable arts education and the implementation of our recently developed Strategic Arts Education Plan throughout the County.

We recently received a grant from the Stuart Foundation by way of CCSESA to implement our soon to be adopted Strategic Arts Education Plan.

We will be taking the afore mentioned Strategic Arts Education Plan to the School Board in April for adoption.

We are developing policy within Mariposa County’s forthcoming Creative Placemaking Master Plan to embed arts education and authentic arts learning experiences for students/teachers/schools throughout the county into future creative placemaking endeavors.

We have been working with California Alliance for Arts Education and CCSESA on the development of a webinar focused on Educations/Arts Education and Indigenous youth.

The Arts Council’s yearly residency program for all 5th grade classrooms in Mariposa County began virtual in the month of March.


Stuart sub-grant work with UC Merced/creating Google site for strategic planning doc/gathering info for developing relevant PD for teachers

ASSETS – after-school arts classes 4 days a week

Arts opportunities for students in graphic design and virtual arts in the “Math Mascot” challenge and Merced County LGBTQ+ Success Network Logo Design Challenge


Tulare County is honoring Arts Education Month with a virtual celebration. This digital gallery features the work of over 1,200 Tulare County students in grades TK-12 from 35 area schools. Submissions to the gallery include all five arts disciplines: dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. Visit the gallery here: http://www.tcoe.org/AEMCelebration

Region 8 Ventura County Office of Education – Anna Belitski, Regional Arts Lead

Given the current state of the school year and considering the demands of Distance Learning on teachers, students, and families, County Offices of Education are continuing virtual events in lieu of offering their regular Arts programs. Kern County has postponed 2020 events but has scheduled events for 2021. Santa Barbara County has created a menu of virtual performance options to increase Arts engagement during Distance Learning. Ventura County has planned distance professional learning opportunities for educators and continues to promote virtual Arts opportunities


Ventura County Office of Education: Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN)

The Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN) was founded by the Ventura County Office of Education to provide a forum for arts educators and community members to celebrate accomplishments, share best practices, investigate resources and tools, and explore future collaborations. It is also an opportunity to hear what is going on at the state and local level. Currently meetings will provide resources and learnings around distance learning and the Arts.

Meetings are 2020, January 11, 2021 and March 15, 2021, all to be held virtually.

Teaching the Arts with Culturally Relevant Literature

VCOE will be offering a professional learning series for Region 8 TK-2 and 3-5 grade teachers- “Finish the year strong: Utilizing the Arts to Keep All Learners Engaged” Over two sessions we will focus on the Arts and artists of color using culturally relevant literature. The modules will introduce the Arts standards and focus on Chapters 8 and 9 from the Framework to ensure instructional shifts around Arts Integration and Effective Arts Education are considered.  Details will be available soon.

Ventura County Arts Council- Artists in the Classroom.

Artists in the Classroom is a residency program offering eight-week programs for every K-8 school in the county. Professional visual, dance, music, poet and performing artist educators teach children of all ages. Many instructors bring a multi-cultural and historical awareness to lessons, helping students gain an understanding of their own cultures and other cultures, past and present.

Ventura County Museum of Art

While The Ventura County Museum of Art is currently closed, all events will be held virtually. Students may explore the museum’s collection online as well as engage in virtual learning modules.


Honor Music Festival

The Honor Music Festival provides performance experience for advanced music students in Junior High and Middle school. The ensemble includes Band, Orchestra and Choir. The event is scheduled for March 1, 2022.

Grand Night for Music
The best of the best high school orchestra, band and choir members who survive demanding auditions take their seat on the state for the annual ‘It’s a Grand Night for Music’ honors music festival. The annual showcase of Kern County’s finest high school musicians and singers can be seen for a $5 donation. The event is schedule for January 25, 2022.


San Luis Obispo County Office of Education- Arts Collaborative
The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Arts Collaborative includes a group of artists, art educators and arts supporters committed to sustaining and growing arts education in San Luis Obispo County. The Collaborative has posted a variety of videos for students, teachers and families on their website. https://www.slocoearts.org/

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art: Youth Art Classes
Workshops and classes at the Museum are currently cancelled. However, the museum has created prompts that allow students to explore and create visual arts at home. Families may visit the website for prompts as well as resources to discounted supplies. Prompts are updated weekly at https://sloma.org/free-youth-art-activities/

Performing Arts Center of San Luis Obispo
Virtual Student Matinee: Kattam & His Tam-Tams: Rythyms of West Africa Joing percussionist Kattam Laraki-Cote on a West African adventure, discovering the culture of West Africa through drumming, singing and dancing. Experience the language and rhythms of Krin, Djembe, and Gongoma and learn how these instruments shaped and express regional culture.


SBCOE created an Arts Specific Covid-19 Response Guidance resource page support artists and arts education during the pandemic.

Santa Barbara County Office of Education- California Arts Council Grants
The Arts Council is prioritizing this year’s grant funding to nurture and heal communities through the arts; to keep the doors of our arts and cultural institutions open; to protect jobs in the creative field; and to preserve our cultural heritage, our stories and our culture bearers. These grants feature new funding, including general operating support as well support for project based activities.

Children’s Creative Project The Santa Barbara County Education Office – Children’s Creative Project serves both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county schools with the following arts education programs.  Artists provide in-person and distance learning visual and performing arts workshops both during and after school hours. The project has created an Arts Catalog of virtual performances in dance, music, theater, and visual arts. 

City of Santa Barbara Call for 2021-2023 Poet Laureate The person selected shall seek to advance awareness of and appreciation for poetry, spoken word, and the literary arts within the greater Santa Barbara community over a two-year term.

As a spokesperson for the City’s literary community, the Poet Laureate shall endeavor to promote the artistic achievements of the City of Santa Barbara and shall actively participate in ceremonial, educational, and cultural activities in the community at various times throughout their term of service. The Santa Barbara Public Library serves as the official home of the Poet Laureate and a major partner in facilitation of the program. Download the guidelines here


Ventura County Office of Education: Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN)
The Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN) was founded by the Ventura County Office of Education to provide a forum for arts educators and community members to celebrate accomplishments, share best practices, investigate resources and tools, and explore future collaborations. It is also an opportunity to hear what is going on at the state and local level. Currently meetings will provide resources and learnings around distance learning and the Arts.

Meetings are 2020, January 11, 2021 and March 16, 2021, all to be held virtually. https://www.vcoe.org/Curriculum-and-Instruction/Content-Areas/Arts

Ventura County Office of Education: Partnership with The California Arts Project
In partnership with The California Arts Project, Ventura County Office of Education will be offering a professional learning series to introduce educators to beginning visual arts concepts and techniques through synchronous studio exercises. In asynchronous sessions, February 1 and February 22, educators will be introduced to the new CA Visual Arts Standards and have the opportunity to create classroom application in visual arts. 

Ventura County Arts Council- Artists in the Classroom
Artists in the Classroom is a residency program offering eight-week programs for every K-8 school in the county. Professional visual, dance, music, poet and performing artist educators teach children of all ages. Many instructors bring a multi-cultural and historical awareness to lessons, helping students gain an understanding of their own cultures and other cultures, past and present. https://vcartscouncil.org/programs/artists-in-the-classroom/

Ventura County Museum of Art
While The Ventura County Museum of Art is currently closed, all events will be held virtually. Students may explore the museum’s collection online as well as engage in virtual learning modules. https://venturamuseum.org/learn/

Region 9 San Diego County Office of Education – Pauline Crooks, Regional Arts Lead


The Stuart Foundation and CCSESA have extended support for the last rural arts cohort to further the goals in the strategic plan developed during the 2019/2020 school year. Imperial County will partner with Dr. Merryl Goldberg for a series of professional development for elementary district/school teams focused on understanding the foundations of arts integration with attention to cultural responsiveness. In addition to the funding, the expert coaching services of Peggy Burt are included to guide and support implementation. The goal is that these school teams would form the membership of a future arts education community of practice who would meet regularly to study the CA Arts Education Framework, develop lessons/units, and share best practices in arts education.


In partnership with Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ “Arts Teach” program, OCDE is hosting a professional learning opportunity for elementary classroom and music teachers titled “Voices, Faces and Feelings – How Music Connects to Social-Emotional Learning” on April 21, 2021 from 3:30-4:30pm. The registration cost is $25.00 per person and this opportunity is open to teachers in all counties.

The OCArts4All Virtual Arts Showcase is accepting art submissions from Orange County home, private, public and charter school students until April 9, 2021.

The Orange County Music and Arts Awards Nomination Form, is up and ready to receive your nominations for teachers, administrators and advocates. Nominations due Friday, March 26, 2021. This year will be virtual and will have free Registration which is due May 11,  2021.

VSA Orange County is accepting artwork from students in Orange County until March 24th for the 45th Annual Very Special Arts Festival. This is a countywide festival celebrating the artistic accomplishments of artists with disabilities and this year’s theme is “Be Brave, Be Kind, Be You! The Festival website is set to launch virtually on April 24th. For news and updates, follow VSA Orange County on Facebook!

Orange County Youth Art Month was celebrated virtually this year. You can enjoy the premier and the show gallery online until March 31 at the OCDE VAPA website.

Arts Orange County announced the winners for year’s Poetry Out Loud Annual Poetry Recitation competition. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

OCArts4All – OCDE has launched a social media campaign to spotlight and celebrate the great things that students and teachers are doing in the arts in Orange County. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter @Arts4Oc #OCArts4All

Arts Now Communities -OCDE is partnering with Arts Orange County to bring the California Alliance for Arts Education’s program called “Arts Now Communities” to Orange County. The program officially had its launch in November and met again in January. If you would like more information, please contact Shanin Ziemer at ArtsNow.Shanin@gmail.com.

OCMAA & Arts Organization Education Departments – Each month OCDE hosts three collaborative meetings to support programs and providers of arts education. All districts and arts organizations meet together to receive updated information from OCDE, share updates on their programs and collaborate regarding the annual “OCMAA Awards” event. Both districts and arts organization education departments also meet with OCDE separately to discuss issues specific to their work. 

Orange County Cappies – OCDE has a long history of partnering with the Orange County Cappies, a writing and awards program that trains high school theater and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders.


Arts Education Curriculum Units – The San Diego County Office of Education Curriculum and Instruction, Multilingual Education and Global Achievement, and Innovation Departments have collaborated to design distance learning units of study in grades K-12 that are focused on grade level essential learnings in each content area. These units were purposefully designed to integrate content, provide flexibility and choice. The units of study connect content in the following areas: ELA, ELD, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education through integrated study in K-5 and thematic units in grades 6 through high school. Assessment opportunities (formative and summative) and student feedback are embedded and intentionally developed. These open-source units are being developed in Google to ensure maximum flexibility for districts to use them with their preferred distance learning instructional platform. The units are available here: https://bit.ly/SDCOE-Learn 

San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community – SDCOE and the Southern Counties California Arts Project (SouthCAP) partner in facilitating the San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community. This community of TK-12 school district arts leaders investigate arts education topics and current research, to maintain awareness of issues and policies impacting arts education in California.  The community provides a system of support for arts leaders to share, reflect, problem solve, and learn from each other, especially in our current circumstances with shifting contexts in face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid models of instruction.

Arts Empower San Diego – Arts Empower San Diego is a collective impact working to improve and support arts education in San Diego County.  The mission of Arts Empower is to ensure high-quality arts education for every student, supported through the collective impact of a motivated community of arts advocates.  The vision is for every student in San Diego County to be engaged in a personally relevant, equitable, standards-based arts education.  Arts Empower San Diego, in partnership with The Southern Counties California Arts Project (SouthCAP), assists districts throughout San Diego County in writing and implementing Strategic Arts Education Plans.  Fourteen school districts, serving sixty seven percent of the students in the county, have written strategic plans since Arts Empower first began this work in 2012.  Arts Empower facilitates all phases of the strategic planning process including advocating for a district plan, guiding districts in preparing and executing strategic planning, and supporting a district’s internal evaluation of its plan and subsequent actions. Please share your stories of how the arts empower you and/or your students by visiting the Arts Empower website and if you’re on Twitter, please connect with @ArtsEmpowerSD and use #ArtsEmpowerSD. 

Arts Empower San Diego Mega Rally Encore: Student Spotlight – This year, COVID-19 sent the annual Arts Empower Mega Rally in Balboa Park online to be reimagined in a virtual format. This one-hour encore event featured inspirational videos, artwork, and a panel interview of arts students from across San Diego arts County. Our keynote speaker was Brandon Steppe from David’s Harp Foundation. We heard from representatives of our arts education organizations – the California Art Education Association, the California Dance Education Association, the California Music Educators Association Southern Border Section, and the San Diego Theatre Educators Alliance.  Please share your stories of how the arts empower you and/or your students by visiting the Arts Empower website and if you’re on Twitter, please connect with @ArtsEmpowerSD and use #ArtsEmpowerSD.  Whether or not you were able to join us live on Mar. 11, you can watch a video of the event on YouTube to hear from teachers, leaders, and best of all – students who are continuing to use the arts to thrive during this difficult time. 

Arts Education Twitter Chat – Join @PCrooks_VAPA, @VAPAJeannine, @aaronbryan, and arts education experts from across the state for a Twitter Chat every Wednesday from 4 to 4:30 p.m. We are growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Let’s chat about the new state arts standards, best practices, and the great things happening in your classes. Whether you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before or are an expert, use this link to see the questions and learn how to join the conversation.   

Region 10 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Armalyn De La O, Regional County Arts Lead


Region X District Embedded Professional Learning

District based arts education professional learning community (PLC) support in Region X is designed to respond to individual district’s arts education needs and goals.  Current professional learning for districts includes supporting districts’ LCAP Priorities, expanding teachers’ capacities to support academic English language development, supporting teachers’ shifts to the newly revised California Arts Standards, building elementary teachers arts content knowledge and skills, and developing teacher’s capacities to address the needs of learners through Universal Designs for Learning. Region X partners with RIMS California Arts Project to design and implement the district embedded professional learning.  All professional learning can be designed to address distance teaching and learning in the arts.

Current District Work:

Barstow Unified School District: Barstow Fine Arts Academy

Colton Joint Unified School District

Fontana Unified School District

San Bernardino City Unified School District

Arts Education Network (AEN) Meetings Focused on Current Arts Education Topics, Advocacy, County, Regional, State and National Arts Education Initiatives

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office, RIMS California Arts Project and Arts Connection, San Bernardino County Arts Council hold quarterly network arts education meetings for K – 12, University educators and administrators.  For more information on upcoming network meetings, contact Armalyn De La O, armalyn.delao@sbcss.net or adelao@csusb.edu  for more information.

AEN Calendar for 2020-21: December 3, February 4, April 8, and June 3, 2021
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 PM

To register: https://sbcss.k12oms.org/28-195793

Partnership Work:

SBCSS, RIMS CAP and Arts Connection: Arts Council for San Bernardino County continues to partner on professional learning for teaching artists in the Inland Empire to address the needs of students in expanded learning programs.

Student Event:

Young Artists’ Gallery 2021 received 205 submissions from middle and high school visual arts students for the 2021 exhibition.  This year the exhibition will be completely virtual.   Judging will take place between now and March 31, 2021.  The juried in student work will be virtually exhibited starting on April 1.  Virtual awards will take place on April 20 from 5 – 6 PM. 

Region 11 Los Angeles County Office of Education – Jeannine Flores, Regional Arts Lead


The Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) project had a successful launch of both Foundational TEAL and Transformative SEL TEAL Professional Developments in March. 
In continuing this momentum, we are offering another no-cost high quality opportunity to engage with the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE)- Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) again through our Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL)

Customized Coaching Series. Participants will engage in live Question & Answer discussions with our TEAL Content Experts. Coaching and support are designed to meet unique Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) needs for Culturally Relevant Arts Integration and Social Emotional Learning at your school site or district. Click on the flyer for more information and registration.

This engaging series offer includes Customized Coaching Sessions in the following areas:

Launching Your TEAL Community of Practice
Using Virtual Resources to Promote TEAL/SEL- Session 1
Using Virtual Resources to Promote TEAL/SEL: Creating Newsletters/More- Session 2
Getting Started with Your Foundational TEAL Virtual Classroom 
Using Virtual Resources to Promote TEAL/SEL: Bitmoji Calm Classrooms- Session 3
TEAL Project Alignment with Multi-Tiered System of Support

Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms – A Media arts Celebration!
In our culminating session, participants will share their story with us. We will see student work examples, hear about the ups and downs of integrating new skills, and celebrate our teacher participants. Producing and Presenting are essential artistic processes for the Arts! Jeannine Flores and Peggy Burt will be back to lead this celebration along with all our other presenters. You won’t want to miss the presentation from teachers on their learning journey to incorporate Media Arts into their classrooms.

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This project is a part of CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative Creativity at the Core module development. To register for the event, register here. Creativity

Supporting School Systems with suicide Prevention

SPORT stands for Suicide Prevention Ongoing Resiliency Training. Currently, we have coaching sessions available to support school sites and districts with implementation of their Prevention, Intervention and Postvention plans addressed in previous SPORT training.  
During the Customized Coaching Series, participants will engage in live Q&A sessions with our content experts. Coaching and support will be customized for implementation of your unique Multi-Tiered System of Support for Suicide Prevention. The flow of each session will be guided by your participation. Please click on the flyer above for more information and the registration link.


Counties on the Move – Publication for Download

Click here to view and/or download a copy!

Knowing that the visual and performing arts contribute to effective schools, the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Arts Initiative continues to build capacity for arts education at the national, state, region, county, and local levels. As part of this effort, we continue to publicize examples of county superintendents’ support for arts education in an engaging informational booklet entitled Counties on the Move Toward Arts Education for All Students.  This CCSESA publication includes submissions from counties across California and provides a snapshot of the wide variety of arts education projects, programs, planning strategies, and collaborations provided by county offices of education.



The goals of the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) are to provide leadership and high-quality services to school districts by:

  1. Supporting academic achievement and continuous improvement, with a focus on closing the achievement gap:
    Strengthen county office of education capacity to support districts, schools, and county programs in fully implementing Common Core State Standards and preparing for SBAC annual state assessments in order to
    improve student achievement, with particular focus on underserved student populations, English learners, early learning, and college and career readiness.
  1. Developing collaborative leadership approaches that are future‐focused, and responsive to changing conditions: Take steps to build strong working relationships with CDE and state leaders, with CCSESA Steering Committees, COE superintendents, and leaders in districts; seek collaborative approaches that support districts in their improvement efforts while continually building CISC’s internal leadership capacity.
  2. Addressing national initiatives:
    Provide leadership that supports California in developing and implementing plans to address federal initiatives, including Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and ESSA.
  3. Providing leadership for California initiatives impacting instruction and student achievement:
    Work in collaboration with other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in the areas of key statewide initiatives such as implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, Local Control Accountability Plans, the Quality Schooling Framework, and other statewide initiatives.
  4. Providing leadership for technology‐based curriculum and instruction approaches:
    Work in coordination with other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in areas related to technology and
    innovation including virtual schools and courses, online professional development resources and tools, electronic textbooks, and other technology-based areas that influence and accelerate teaching and learning.
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