March/April 2020-21 CCSESA CISC Arts Subcommittee Report


March/April 2020-21

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CISC/Arts Subcommittee Members
CCSESA Statewide Arts Update
Creativity at the Core Professional Learning Modules
State Arts Update
– The California Arts Project (TCAP) Update
– California Department of Education Update
– Create CA Update
Regional Highlights
Counties on the Move Publication
CISC Committee Goals



Curriculum and Instruction Arts Subcommittee (CISC/Arts)
Dr. Gary Waddell, Chair
Assistant Superintendent, Equity & Educational Progress Division & Public Affairs, Santa Clara COE

Jeanette Spencer, Co-Chair
Senior Advisor for District Support & Educational Leadership, Butte COE –
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Statewide Arts Initiative
Sarah Anderberg, Director
California Department of Education (CDE)
Diane Crum, Education Programs Assistant
Letty Kraus, Education Programs Consultant
Allison Frenzel, Education Programs Consultant
The California Arts Project (TCAP)
Kristine Alexander, Executive Director
REGION 1 Arts Lead
Stacy Young, Humboldt COE –
REGION 2 Arts Lead
Jennifer Spangler, Butte COE –

REGION 3 Arts Lead
Dr. L. Steven Winlock
, Sacramento COE –

REGION 4 Arts Lead
Derek Fenner, Alameda COE

REGION 5 Arts Lead
Sofia Fojas, Santa Clara COE

REGION 6 Arts Lead
Amy Bultena, Stanislaus COE –

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Aaron Bryan
, Fresno CSS –

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Kate Stover, Tulare COE –

REGION 8 Arts Lead
Anna Belitski, Ventura COE –

REGION 9 Arts Lead
Pauline Crooks, San Diego COE –

REGION 10 Arts Co-Lead
Armalyn De La O, San Bernardino CSS –

REGION 10 Arts Co-Lead
Louisa Higgins, Riverside COE –

REGION 11 Arts Lead
Jeannine Flores, Los Angeles COE –

List of Regional and County Arts Leads

To view and/or download a complete list of Regional and County Arts Leads, CLICK HERE.



Meeting Dates for 2021-22

Please mark your calendars for the CISC/Arts Subcommittee and Statewide Arts Leadership Meetings for 2021-22. The dates will be as follows:

  • September 15, 2021
  • November 17, 2021
  • January 19, 2022
  • March 16, 2022
  • May 18, 2022

As we plan for the Arts Leadership meetings, we would like to hear from you.  We envision the meetings to remain virtual however we are tentatively planning that our May 18th meeting will be in-person for our May Arts Learning Colloquium. Please take a moment to share your valuable feedback by participating in a short poll, click here. Your input will help us plan for the 2021-22 year. 



CCSESA Creativity at the Core Module Development Work Underway

Expansion of the CCSESA Creativity at the Core suite of resources continues to expand. During the 2020-21 academic year, some of CCSESA’s CISC /Arts Subcommittee members have been working on the following modules:

Module 4: Alameda COE – Creativity in Court and Community Schools (Grades 6-12) – Module update to be completed in June 2021.

Module 5: Santa Clara COE – ACTOS Arts Integration Culturally Responsive Arts Learning Across the Curriculum Tied to Common Core (Grades K-8) – Module update has been completed.

Module 14: Fresno CSS – Arts Integration as a Model of Rigorous Instruction: Connecting Arts Learning with the Common Core State Standards – Module update has been completed.

Module 23: Los Angeles COE – Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms, Grades TK-6, will provide resources to support distance and online learning and professional development – New module to be completed in December 2021.

Module 24: Butte & Stanislaus COEs – Teaching Visual Arts in Connection with History/Social Studies, Grades K-12, will outline how Visual Arts teachers can integrate History/Social Science Studies into their practice through the usage of thematic units and is aligned to the California State Standards. New module to be completed in June 2021.

Module 25: San Diego COE – Leveraging English Learner Assets through the Arts, focuses using the Arts as a lens through which we view the importance of cultural and linguistic connections English Learners make to the Arts. New module to be completed in December 2021.

California Arts Standards Introduction Professional Learning Opportunities

Arts Standards virtual professional learning will be happening this summer and hosted by six county offices of education.

The California Arts Standards Introduction professional learning is designed for arts educators, multiple subject teachers, school and district administrators, and teaching artists to deepen their understanding of the 2019 California Arts Standards for Public Schools and explore strategies for implementation. This professional learning is offered by Fresno, Humboldt, Los Angeles, San Diego, Stanislaus, and Tulare County Offices of Education as part of the collective work of CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative Creativity at the Core Module 22. This 2-hour virtual professional learning will be offered six times this summer. Registration is available here.

 Module 22:California Arts Standards for Public Schools: Resources for Learning & Implementation was developed by San Diego County Office of Education and Santa Clara County Office of Education. This Module provides educators with an overall understanding of the California Arts Standards structure and purpose as well as the opportunity to do a deep study into one or more arts disciplines. Hats off to Pauline Crooks (San Diego), Sofia Fojas (Santa Clara) and Jeannine Flores (formerly from Santa Clara and now at LACOE).

Check out the full suite of modules developed by Regional Arts Leads and Arts Organization Partners

Explore CCSESA’s statewide programCreativity at the Core. Here you will find professional learning modules focused on many key topics that support arts learning and California State Standards. You will see how regional teams including Regional Arts Leads from across California and key Arts Organization Partners collaborated on professional learning materials that we hope you will be able to use in your own educational and arts settings.

Preview and Summary of the Governor’s May Revision

May 12, 2021 – Universal transitional kindergarten, community schools, and expanded learning opportunities were at the forefront of Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcements today relating to the May Revision. The full details and Trailer Bill Language will be released Friday.  

Following an introduction from Monterey County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Deneen Guss, Governor Newsom highlighted the overall theme of his expansive K-12 spending plan: A focus on the whole child via multi-year, equity-driven proposals. 

Read full memo from CCSESA to County Superintendents HERE (Preview of the Governor’s May Revision)
The summary to the May Revision is now available, CLICK HERE to view.

Framework Rollout Planning

The Framework Rollout Committee has been working since December 2020 to determine a re-envisioned Arts Education Framework Rollout. This work has included collaborative work with The California Arts Project (TCAP) and the California Department of Education (CDE) and has included representative leaders from TCAP, CCSESA Arts Initiative and CCSESA/CISC, and CDE. This process included a 1,211 survey responses from teachers and administrators across California. This included 980 educations and 231 administrators. Data was also received from 24 discussion groups with educators involving 89 participants. The committee is working to create a plan which will be finalized by June 2021. The plan will include a phased approach for development which will include information, tools, and resources for Arts Education Framework Rollout activities. Principal Researcher, Patti Saraniero, from Moxie Research was the lead researcher in this effort; she has provided leadership and analysis of the data which will inform next steps. Many thanks to all the counties that helped with the survey. Stay tuned, more to come.

CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) March & April Meetings Recap

At the March 23rd CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) meeting, Louisa Higgins Riverside County Office of Education) was the featured presenter who shared strategies for building capacity in rural regions. She discussed building relationships and strategic communications with community partners and educators. If you haven’t already, please join us to learn, share your voice, and expand the field’s understanding of the specific strengths and challenges of our rural areas as we continue to work to offer equitable, accessible arts education for students across the state.

At the April 27th CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) meeting, Debbie Yarrow (Creative Sonoma) and Karen McGahey (Sonoma County Office of Education) were the featured presenters who shared their work around arts strategic planning and implementation and how they are building capacity for arts education with school districts in Sonoma County. We invite you to attend our last meeting on May 25th from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. We will be celebrating the work of all the rural counties. Don’t miss this fun culmination meeting with lots of time for interaction and discussion.

The Art of Everything Leadership Conversation Series: A five-part Series Concludes on May 21

CCSESA Arts Initiative partnered with CREATE CA to launch the The Art of Everything Leading for “WE” in the Age of “ME.” focused on the book written by Dr. Gary Waddell, that launched in January 2021. The final session will be presented on Friday, May 21st with Guest Facilitator Dionna Ndlovu Fletcher and a participant panel. This five month webinar series of the Artful Leadership Framework focused on: The ART of the matter (leading as an artist), Leading for equity, Humility-Grace-& Compassion, and Empathic Design. We would like to thank all who were able to participate in the series and the following guest facilitators and guest speakers, who all provided new insights and sparked great conversations! Seitu Jemel Hart & Dionna Ndlovu Fletcher (Session 1); Janice E. Jackson, Ed.D. Gabriela López, M.Ed. (Session 2); Cherie Hill & Khalil Bleux Hodges (Session 3); and Rebecca Vyduna & Héctor Márquez (Session 4).

CCSESA Arts Newsletters


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Join @PCrooks_VAPA, @VAPAJeannine, @aaronbryan, and other arts education leaders from across the state for the #CaArtsEdChat, a Twitter Chat held every Wednesday from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. We’re growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Join us as we discuss topics such as: the newly adopted CA Arts Framework; integrating the arts and technology; arts and anti-racism; and much more! New to Twitter, or just want to learn more about the Twitter Chat or see the questions in advance? Visit




TCAP’s Latin Music Initiative Part 2
Trend setter and sustainer in California’s cultural landscape – an influencer of popular culture – Latin Music is relevant for today’s music classroom. Join us on May 20! Sit in on a conversation of Latin Music artists and industry representatives as we bring this academic year’s Latin Music webinar series to a close. REGISTER HERE

For addition information:
Email or contact Armalyn De La O at The California Arts Project (TCAP)  

Latin Music Industry Panel Webinar on May 20, 2021
Special time: 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

TCAP’s Webinar SeriesBlack Theatre, Conversations with California Artists, Creatives, and Educators, and Latin Music – will resume in the fall.

TCAP Summer Studio: Artist as Scientist – Scientist as Artist – July 20 – 22, 2021
TCAP is holding a virtual summer studio in July focused on drawing, scientific illustration, and insects. Participants will explore connections to the California Arts Standards and environmental justice. Additional program and registration information coming soon on

Coming 2021 – 2022 TCAP Statewide Convenings  — Save the dates!
TCAP will be holding a series of quarterly virtual statewide arts education convenings in support of arts educators and administrators as the new academic year unfolds.  These statewide sessions will augment TCAP’s regional quarterly regional network sessions.  All sessions, statewide and regional, are planned to be held virtually and are free of charge. Additional information and registration coming soon!


California Department of Education

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Announces  2021 California Exemplary Arts Education Awards

SACRAMENTO—State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond today announced that 33 California schools were selected for the California Exemplary Arts Education Award.

These schools engage students in quality arts education that meet California Arts Standards for Public Schools (Arts Standards) and demonstrate progress on indicators on the California School Dashboard. The awards are designed to celebrate successful efforts to engage students in arts through exposure to a variety of disciplines.

“This year has been especially challenging for our students and schools, but I commend these schools for recognizing that this is a time when the arts are more critical than ever,” State Superintendent Thurmond said. “These schools excelled in providing quality arts education, despite all the obstacles presented by distance learning. It is with great pleasure we honor these schools for their steadfast dedication to arts education that plays a powerful role in supporting wellness, bridging social divides, and expanding creativity and critical thinking in our students.”

Schools recognized as Exemplary Arts Education Awardees represent a broad cross-section of educational delivery models, including traditional comprehensive elementary schools, magnet schools, and district and independent charters. These schools serve diverse demographic populations of varying sizes, from a 2,700-student urban school to a 250-student rural school. Some schools serve primarily Title I students from lower socio-economic circumstances, and others serve suburban populations with strong district and community financial support. To read more and the list of schools, click here.

These California Exemplary Arts Education Schools, along with California Distinguished Schools, National Blue Ribbon Schools, and recipients of California Department of Education (CDE) recognition programs, will be honored virtually later this year. For more information, please visit the CDE California School Recognition Program web page.

California Department of Education: Arts Education Update Newsletter

CLICK HERE to read the Spring 2021 issue (PDF)

California Department of Education – Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant: Literacy lead Agency RFA

The California Department of Education recently released the Request for Applications for the Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant for Literacy Lead Agency. Applications are due on Friday, June 25th, and can be accessed HERE

California Educators Together – California’s Educator Community of Practice


California educators join to access thousands of free learning resources, while also engaging in statewide subject and grade level cohorts where peers are sharing their best instructional strategies and learning models from classrooms across the state.

California leadership teams join to help coordinate staff and programs, while gaining access to direct California Department of Education outreach on initiatives, resources, and supports aimed at helping districts, schools, and communities.

The California Educators Together platform is brought to you by a collaboration between the California Department of Education and the CDE Foundation

The Arts Statewide Group – New Resource

The Arts Statewide Group is open to classroom teachers, grade level cohorts, content coordinators, and instructional leaders to exchange ideas and resources focused on topics related to this unique subject-area.

Browse for Pre-K to 12th Grade Dance, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts, AME and Arts Integration resources in each of the collections below.

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME)

We are excited to share a virtual PD opportunity for arts teachers that is happening June 21, 22, and 23: the AME (Arts Media and Entertainment) Institute: 

Although the Institute is planned for CA teachers (and sponsored by the CA CDE) all are welcome, and the access to high-profile creative industry partners is just incredible. The first half of the Institute consists of teacher externships and workshops that get the teachers working in small cohorts with creative industry professionals. We have externships and workshops set up with Nickelodeon, Pensado’s Place, the VFX Society, LA County Museum of Art, Otis College for Art and Design, Center Theatre Group, USITT, and many other incredible partners. The second half of the Institute engages a more traditional conference format, with high-profile speakers, an expo hall, and breakouts on AME program and pathway development, curriculum and instruction, and industry education.  The virtual nature of the Institute allows us to pull speakers, presenters, AND registrants from all over the country. We’d love to have other states join us to build this AME community. Please reach out if you have any questions. And please share the webpage link with your members:



Create CA’s New Social Media Toolkit

California school districts have an unprecedented infusion of funding due to COVID-19 relief and school boards are right now deciding what to do with that funding. We need your help to alert your school leaders that arts education is a proven strategy to help the district achieve their goals and to care for students’ mental wellbeing. We created four social media posts focused on district priorities and how arts education helps to achieve those priorities. Please share these these with your communities and your school board members! 

Share these posts using the hashtags #CreativityIsNotOptional and  #ArtsEdRebuilds, and encourage your community to do the same! For more information, contact us at

Let’s teach people that #CreativityIsNotOptional and that #ArtsEdRebuilds!

TOPIC: Arts Ed Rebuilds 

Studies show young people discover & develop hope through the arts. Arts ed is electricity that will bring schools to life, engage students, and help process grief & trauma.
Watch the main video at to learn why the arts are essential. #ArtsEdRebuilds


Arts ed is a creative incubator transforming students into leaders. Students enrolled in arts classes are 3x more likely to be elected for student office.
Advocate for future leaders & ask your school board to adopt the declaration #ArtsEdRebuilds


As 80% of students report worsening mental health during the pandemic, arts education is proven to decrease stress and anxiety. 
Learn more about the arts & social-emotional learning at #ArtsEdRebuilds


The arts teach students to connect to people & experiences beyond their own. The arts are a powerful tool for change, but only when every student sees a reflection of themselves.
Help create change today by following the steps at #ArtsEdRebuilds


1 in every 10 Calif. workers is a creative worker, & the arts and culture sector contributes $174.6B to California’s economy.
The arts set students up for economic success. Wondering how? Check out @Create_CA’s Student Pathways flyer at #ArtsEdRebuilds


The arts are civic engagement. Low-income students with high arts participation are more likely to vote in local elections and volunteer. The power of #ArtsEdRebuilds communities.
Spread awareness by downloading @Create_CA’s art posters at!

TOPIC: District Goal- Graduation Rate- Arts Ed Data 

School districts are right now assessing funding and strategies for ways to meet their goals in the coming year. Graduation rates are always a top priority and it’s time to let your school board know that arts education significantly affects graduation rates! Students from low income backgrounds with arts rich instruction are 5x less likely to dropout of high school. 

#CreativityIsNotOptional #ArtsEdRebuilds

TOPIC: District Goal- Attendance- Arts Ed Data 

Students who receive an arts education are 3x more likely to win an award for school attendance.  

Now is the time to let your school board know that a full and relevant arts education is a strategy for increasing attendance rates! 

#ArtsEdRebuilds #CreativityIsNotOptional

TOPIC: District Goal- Parent Involvement/School Climate – Arts Ed Data Fact 

As students return to in person learning, school climate and community is more important than ever. 

Students with an arts education have higher levels of civic engagement, 4x more likely to take part in math and science fairs and 3x more likely to be elected to class office. 

Let your school board know that arts education fosters community and engagement! 

#ArtsEdRebuilds #CreativityIsNotOptional

TOPIC: District Goal- College/Career Readiness- Arts Ed Data Fact 

A full and relevant arts education can lead to economic and career success. Arts education is required and right now, we need to give every student every advantage we can. 

Students from a low-income background with “arts-rich” instruction are 3x more likely to get a bachelor’s degree. 

Let your school board know just how much arts education changes a student’s life. 

#ArtsEdRebuilds #CreativityIsNotOptional

California Alliance for Arts Education & Create CA Merger Partner Announcement

We are thrilled to see our friends and partners at California Alliance for Arts Education (the Alliance) and Create CA seizing an opportunity to become stronger in the fight for every student’s right to receive an arts education by merging their organizations. This merger builds on a longstanding partnership and unites them in their shared mission to make sure that a quality arts education is part of every student’s life.

Operating together under the Create CA name, they will combine the power of Create CA’s dynamic communications and innovative data project with the Alliance’s proven policy and advocacy track record and statewide network supporting districts and counties to provide a full arts education to all students. They recognize that students who are low income and of color face the greatest barriers to a full and relevant arts education. Collectively, they will continue to fight for students to get what they need and deserve, because ultimately they know this is an equity issue. 

By coming together, they’ll go farther faster in insisting that arts education is a student right. With the stakes higher than ever, we’re so excited about what they will do together.


REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS – Submitted by the Regional Arts Leads of the CISC/Arts Subcommittee

Region 1 Humboldt County Office of Education – Stacy Young, Regional County Arts Lead


Del Norte Teachers in Del Norte County offered many reflections this month on their involvement in the Arts and Creativity Initiative (ACI) activities. Many who have been involved over the last two years cite how well-integrated into their classes they’ve made the routines of looking at visual work. 

A fourth grade teacher at Margaret Keating Elementary mentioned that his involvement in ACI was hands-down, the best investment of his time in any grant; that the resources and methods he’s received have paid off in full.

Another teacher who attended one of the first in-person ACI workshops in over a year at their school site in Gasquet shared how valuable it was just to be together and developing a sense of camaraderie again with his colleagues. 

We’re excited about how the arts can bring us together and how to use it next year to heal and strengthen our schools.


Humboldt County offered their second virtual Creative Arts Symposium last month and had international participants from 5 countries! The rich arts and SEL day has many resources that can be found on our website:

The 6 Rivers National Forest is donating the US Capitol Christmas Tree and 120 companion trees. Humboldt County Office of Education is partnering with the Forest Service to have California students make the 15,000 ornaments that will be displayed on the trees. See for more information.


Lake County arts integration teachers are finishing up a strong year of integrating art during a global pandemic, distance learning, and hybrid instruction. Teachers have been consistently ordering more materials to practice the methods taught in the Arts Integration program. Teaching Artists are offering feedback on written reflections, and teachers are responding back with questions and asking for more information. This is a good sign our teachers are engaged and practicing their learning.  


Mendocino County, In Mendocino County, our current VAPA work includes supporting teachers in the Arts and Creativity Initiative (ACI) with materials, resources, guest artists, and ongoing professional learning. This year has presented many distinct challenges but teachers’ innovation, perseverance, and dedication to art and creativity have been remarkable.

As opportunities for in-person instruction grow, it has been exciting to see students in Mendocino County engage in a range of hands-on art projects as part of our Get Arts in the School Program (GASP). High school students are documenting their experiences of the past year in a collaborative art mural. With the support of a local artist, the students are learning a variety of mural techniques including, creating imagery, layout design using digital tools, surface preparation, image transfer, painting, and sealing. Middle school students have also been recording their experiences of this historic year by creating poems and dances which explore their thoughts and feelings through movement. 


The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) is continuing to work with the Arts Education Alliance and CCSESA to provide grants to rural school districts to work with a consultant to customize the Sonoma County Arts Education Template to meet the needs of their districts. The grants will be awarded in May and the work will be done from May 15th through the end of August. SCOE is hosting its Virtual Five Minute Film Festival in May as well.


Region 2 Butte County Office of Education – Jennifer Spanger, Regional County Arts Lead


Visual Arts/SEL Professional Learning Community Crosses County Lines
Initiated through the Northern California Educational Leadership Consortium (NorCal ELC) in January 2021, a new Visual Arts/SEL professional learning community of visual art teachers stated their problem of practice to be “school administrators are unaware of the level of potential for visual art to teach SEL to students and Visual Art teachers do not recognize that SEL is already inherent in many of their lessons.” The current PLC includes single subject visual art teachers from elementary, middle, and high school levels in districts in Butte County. The expanded team will include visual art teachers from Plumas County.

BCOE’s Trauma Informed Teaching Artists in the Schools Wraps up Spring with Multiple Residencies
BCOE’s Teaching Artists in the Schools which was initiated in January 2020 is wrapping up spring residencies at Butte County schools. Since the new school year the number of placements has been down as we have had to work in the changing landscape of needs from teachers who have wanted to work with artists in a multitude of formats including on-line, in person, and hybrid. Thankfully, flexibility is a strong suite of the teaching artists in the program.  Since April three sessions have been face to face including painting instruction for 55 students and family members at Biggs Elementary (see below), Creature Creation with water colors and digital media at the Paradise Boys and Girls Club, and Theatre Improv sessions to build relationship skills at the African American Family and Cultural Center in Oroville. An additional session in May was online with the 6th grade class at Cedarwood Elementary School in Magalia. Teaching Artist Bobbie Rae Jones collaborated with teacher Kat Stevens to create a mosaic project that integrated with a unit on Roman History. The mosaic medium was one of the most important 2-dimensional art forms to the Romans. Jones taught lessons that utilized key Roman imagery such as the eagle. See below.


The Trinity County Office of Education’s (TCOE) Annual Young Artist’s Showcase opened at the Highland Art Center in Weaverville in April. While it was held in person the entire exhibit of K-12 works representing nine school districts was also posted virtually on Youtube. See the YouTube HERE.


Region 3 Sacramento County Office of Education – Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Regional Arts Lead


As we approach the end of 2020/2021 school year, the School of Education’s two Community of Practice Groups (SCOE Arts Community of Practice and the County Office of Education Arts Leads in Region 3 Community of Practice) culminate a year of successful, virtual collaboration learning and working together through unprecedented times.  Just a few of the many highlights of the Community of Practice Meetings this year: 

  • Friends of the Arts – Allison Cagley shared the “Impact Video for FOSA 2019-2020″ 
  • Animation Intern – Shawn Sullivan shared how they are utilizing the CARES/Funding Grant building curriculum and bringing industry professionals into the classroom virtually. 
  • Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera – Charla Lawson shared the history of the art organization and a PowerPoint presentation around art education. 
  • City of Sacramento – In January, the Arts COP invited Megan Van Vooris, new Cultural & Creative Economy Manager to share to the Arts COP members about herself, her background and learn more about what she brings to her new position. 
  • School District Art Leads – Each SCOE Arts COP meeting has a school district do a presentation on what their district and schools are doing in Art Education.  This year, the COP participants have seen presentations on 6 of the 13 districts. 
  • COVID life in the Arts and Art Education – Participants collaborate around how COVID is impacting their organization, school, and district. 
  • Region 3 County Art Leads COP – This new Community of Practice had its first meeting in November.  A small and dedicated group of County Art Leads meet bi-monthly to collaborate around art education and professional development opportunities in their schools and districts. 

1. A Google Shared Drive has been created for the SCOE Arts Community of Practice to share resources and events.

2. SCOE School of Education’s Summer Arts Catalog launched through Constant Contact to promote the offerings of the Sacramento Art Organizations.  Art Catalog Link


Region 4 Alameda County Office of Education – Derek Fenner, Regional Arts Lead


If you missed either of ACOE’s April webinars, there are links below to them, along with a feedback survey. If you watch one of the videos, we would appreciate your sharing your thinking on the feedback form. 

April 15, 2021 – The Arts Anti-Racism & Climate Change: Strategies from the Bay Area
In these unprecedented and challenging times, the arts bring inquiry, voice, and creativity to support the processing and understanding of the complex issues our communities are facing. This webinar, a collaboration among six counties in the Bay Area, offers creative and critical strategies using the arts to support teaching and learning.

Counties presenting include Alameda, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, & San Mateo.

4/15/2021 Recording
4/15/2021 Feedback Survey

April 22, 2021 – Arts Learning Promising Practices from the Field
Educators in Alameda County are using the arts in ways that help students express the context of their lives, learn content in deeply engaging ways, and build the creativity needed to address the inequities in our communities and world. Join us for inspired presentations by educators in Alameda County, as they share the critical ways the arts have an impact on the lives of their students.

4/22/2021 Recording
4/22/2021 Feedback Survey


CCCOE Arts celebrated our county’s educators and student in arts education with a compilation video that showcases their artistry in visual arts, media arts, instrumental music, acapella vocal music, dance, and theater. Video link: 2020-21 Contra Costa Celebrates Arts Teachers and Students.

CCCOE Arts Education is continuing to facilitate collaboration times for arts educators across Contra Costa County during the 2020-21 school year to share ideas in the five arts disciplines. The latest topics of focus include reopening of arts classrooms, bringing arts into the spotlight in school communities, and expanding access to arts for all students. We are continuing to capture this collaborative work on one Padlet for the 2020-21 school year.

CCCOE also holds a bimonthly convening of arts education leaders, including those from school districts, county programs and local arts partners. We gather to learn together, share programs and opportunities, and collaborate on best practices. The focus on our latest meeting was on Environmental Literacy and the Arts, and advocacy for the arts.


Region 5 Santa Clara County Office of Education – Sofia Fojas, Regional Arts Lead


New Website and Logo 2021!  We have a redesigned look and feel for the new era. Go to our new website and see our new social media feeds!

Region IV/V Webinar:  The Arts, Anti-Racism, and Climate Change
Counties from Region IV and V came together to present a 75-minute webinar.  It was opened by the thoroughly inspirational words of Poet Michelle (“Mush”) Lee. A recording of the event will be presented to all county arts leads. 

Young Artist Showcase:  May 20, 2021 @ 4:00 online! The 2021 Young Artist Showcase has concluded and will be capped with a joint celebration of youth achievement.  Ninety-five pieces were collected in works from youth aged kindergarten to grade 12. See the gallery online HERE! The theme, ‘In this time of change, the arts are…’ This year, all pieces will be celebrated in a gallery of works from youth aged kindergarten to grade 12. View the online gallery HERE.

Artspiration Community of Practice
Artspiration is continuing to host a community of practice led by two of our team members from 4-5:30 pm: Aimee Espiritu and Kati Silva. For questions, contact Kati Silva at, Aimee Espiritu at or for registration, contact Sofia Fojas at

May 26 Community of Practice:  Decolonizing Black Art and Culture
Tyson Amir, director of Freedom Soul Media Education and author of Black Boy Poems, will moderate a discussion with Veronica Talton, ARUSD Music Teacher, Tongo Eisen-Martin, teaching artist and San Francisco’s Poet Laureate, and a Youth Artist to make meaning of arts and culture from the perspective of the contemporary Black experience. The history of African American culture is tightly woven into the fabric of American culture and Black People are the creators of some of the most influential cultural artifacts. Indeed, Black art has shaped much of American artistic expression of the 20th and 21st century and it has been embraced around the world. 

Upcoming: Community of Practice: Holding the Reflective Space – on June 9, 2021
As we transition to in-person instruction and the end of the year, how can we reflect together upon the new learnings and teaching strategies we created for distance learning, hybrid learning and in-person instruction in the arts?  Come together in this year’s last community of practice to discuss and share what’s been successful and the types of resources you are looking for as you plan for the 2021-2022 school year.  Open to arts organizations, teaching artists, administrators, and educators.


Support for Teachers & Districts Continues
We are returning to school by supporting our districts and classroom teachers with Hybrid & Distance Learning. Working with Visual Art and Music Teacher Leaders, we are examining Arts Integration: What Is It & How To Do It. We are incorporating content from two core subject areas such as “dancing” to build geometric shapes, creating a song from a fictional text, drawing scientific illustrations of photosynthesis.  “A rich and affirming learning environment promotes participatory and inclusive learning in and through the arts for all students.” ~ CCSESA Arts Initiative

On-Going Meetings for Music, Visual Arts, and Theater Teachers Continues
During this time of Distance Learning, we all need all of the support we can get  —whether it be for learning new tech platforms or engagement strategies such as Nearpod and Jamboard; acquiring new games such as Kahoot; experimenting with ways to get our students to show us their beautiful faces even for a moment; exploring hybrid learning; or connecting with our colleagues to share our challenges and sweet successes. Every week, the teachers from the different Arts disciplines meet to talk about these topics. 

Poetry Out Loud 2021 
The Santa Cruz County Office of Education brought Poetry Out Loud to our high school students. This year, we shifted to a virtual format and hosted our students and community in supporting student recitations. We were fortunate to have musical accompaniment by Jose Camacho and la Academia de musica Ilusian.

Kuumbwa Artist Workshops & Residencies
We are very fortunate to have a partnership with Kuumbwa Jazz Santa Cruz. During this time of Distance Learning, they are bringing a series of educational videos to our music classrooms called Artist In the Schools. Additionally, they are working with music teachers to bring workshops and residencies to the Zoom classroom.

Link Up Orchestra Rocks!
Once again this year, we are partnering to bring the Orchestra Rocks to our county’s 4-5th grade students. We offer ongoing professional development to our teachers and teaching artists throughout our community.

As students are learning the curriculum, we are gearing up to have our Virtual Youth Concert!

In Collaboration with the UCSC’s Monterey Bay Area Math & Science Project, we held the 14th Annual Winter Conference, and the first one offered online.  Offering a  range of dynamic  and interactive sessions focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and math, over 100 teachers participated on a Saturday morning.

Santa Cruz Youth Artists Taking Action
The Santa Cruz COE has started a Youth Action Alliance and one of the groups is devoted to the Arts: Youth Artists Taking Action. Supporting Student Voice, students meet weekly and are preparing a video where through monologues, they address challenges related to Youth Mental Health.


Kylie Luna, 6th grader at Cerra Vista Elementary School, presented her environmental poem, “Future Green” to Hollister City Council on April 19th, 2021.  Following her reading, Kylie implored the council, stating, “I urge you to support arts education, take action on climate change and protect the environment.  My future depends on it.” Click here to read Kylie’s poem

The San Benito County Arts Council with support from the California Arts Council held their 5th Annual Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest in late January.  , Angelo Hillstock,  San Benito County Poetry Out Loud Champion, competed virtually in the California State Finals in March.  Angelo was recognized as one of the top scoring finalists, and his original poem was an Honorable Mention in the Poetry Ourselves competition. Click here to read Angelo’s original poem:

The San Benito County Office of Education in Partnership and Collaboration with the San Benito Arts Council Upcoming Events:

  • Support for the newly formed San Benito High School Awareness Team whose purpose is to connect student voice with the community of San Benito County and promote student-led community arts events.
  • Region V Summer Arts Institute2021 summer arts institute flyer (3)2.pdf

Other San Benito County Arts Council Updates:

  • Students from Hollister School District and Aromas-San Juan School District concluded a full year of virtual arts lessons
  • From February through April, educators and teaching artists from around the county engaged in a series of three Arts and Healing Workshops to deepen their understanding of healing arts integration strategies across content areas.
  • Hollister School District will kick off a Mural Arts Program for the 2021 Summer School session

The SBCOE is in the process of working toward a Strategic Arts Education Plan for the County.  Facilitated by Peggy Burt, statewide arts education consultant of Mindful Strategies, the plan will bring together a diverse team of stakeholders and will increase access and equity to arts education. The plan will include strategies  for Social Emotional Learning and the Arts, as well as STEAM. The planning process is in full swing and will be completed by June 2021.


Region 6 Stanislaus County Office of Education – Amy Bultena, Regional Arts Lead


  • Stanislaus COE is partnering with local arts organizations to provide targeted student opportunities for students to engage in the arts.
  • Stanislaus COE is providing virtual fieldtrips to area students that integrate the arts.
  • The Stanislaus COE is partnering with the Stanislaus Union School District on year 4 of the Professional Development for Arts Education grant (PDAE) which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • The Stanislaus COE is partnering with the Butte COE to develop a new module for the CCSESA Creativity at the Core project about integrating Visual Art and History Social Science.
  • The Stanislaus COE developed a website to support Arts teachers and distance learning
  • The Stanislaus COE developed and shared a guidance document for region, county, and district leads about how to safely conduct Arts classes in the era of COVID-19.
  • Stanislaus COE is offering quarterly “Fine Arts Teacher Collaboratives” wherein Arts teachers meet virtually build community and discuss strategies to support one another and student arts learning.
  • The Stanislaus COE developed “Promising Practices on Demand,” a series of short videos designed to provide meaningful overviews and introductions to practices, skills, and techniques that support distance learning. So far, three of the videos support Arts learning.
  • Stanislaus COE hosted a region 6 virtual student art showcase
  • Amador, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne COEs are participating in the Rural Arts Network
  • Stanislaus COE and Tuolumne COE each offer a monthly fine arts newsletter
  • San Joaquin COE Artist-in-Schools program pivoted to offer video sessions and compiled a vast K-8 video library
  • Stockton USD in San Joaquin County hosted a virtual “Got Talent Showcase”
  • Summerville HS in Tuolumne County has shifted to provide outdoor rehearsal for Music programs; the classes are at maximum capacity. The school has acquired 40 new keyboards to accommodate more students!

Stanislaus COE is developing a Summer Learning Curriculum and Visual Art is one of the pathways covered.
The Stanislaus County Office of Education has developed a Summer Learning Curriculum. The Summer Learning Curriculum is a four-week package that provides all content for a Kindergarten through 8th Grade summer program. The Summer Learning Curriculum incorporates Science, ELA, Math, Visual Art, and SEL for an exciting and immersive experience for students. If your district or school dis interested in purchasing the curriculum for usage please contact Amy Bultena,



Region 7 – Tulare County Office of Education & Fresno County Superintendent of Schools – Kate Stover & Aaron Bryan, Regional Arts Co-Leads


The Fresno County Youth Choir will make its highly anticipated return in June. Students are eager to get back to their mission of creating multicultural harmony through music that fills the heart, lifts the soul, and changes lives. The choir will follow all safety protocols as they prepare to share time in the community spreading love, hope, and joy through music.

May 14 marks the deadline for Fresno County’s “One Voice – 9/11 Memorial Art, Poetry, & Logo Contest.” Students in grades 7-12 from across Fresno County have submitted their creations to honor the brave first responders who sacrificed so much on that fateful day nearly 20 years ago, and who continue to serve our communities every day. In partnership with the California 9/11 Memorial Foundation, this unique competition will award two grand prize winners with an all-expenses paid trip for them, their teacher, and a family chaperone to New York City where they will visit the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The winners will be selected by first responders from emergency services organizations throughout Fresno County and announced at the annual 9/11 memorial event in Fresno, the largest annual 9/11 memorial event outside of NYC, on the morning of September 11, 2021. To learn more about this event, visit


Kings COE continues their county-wide Arts Newsletter, which allows districts to highlight ways the arts are being implemented within their district. Be sure to check out all of the exciting arts activities and learning taking place at Kings County by visiting


MCOE is preparing for a Summer 2021 “Inspiring AWE” Conference. AWE, or Arts Workshops for Educators, is going to be the summer kickoff to each yearlong arts PLC for teachers interested in drawing the arts into their classroom.

Preparations are underway for the Merced County Youth Arts Network (CYAN) to begin doing documentary filmmaking over the summer in partnership with UC Merced!

MOCE will be offering theatre and visual art classes with Migrant Education students and Community School students this summer.


UC Merced Children’s Opera – This Spring, TK-3 students from across Tulare County will have the “opera-tunity” to virtually attend the opera! TCOE is proud to be partnering with UC Merced to bring their Children’s Opera to Tulare County classrooms. This year’s performance, Save the Dragons! is a 45-minute operatic performance for children that shows how to be a good leader, how all things are connected in the world, and why saving living creatures matters. For more information about the UC Merced Children’s Opera, visit:

Purposeful Marks – Artists as Educators as Artists – This fall, Tulare County arts educators will have the chance to share their own artwork during a special new exhibition. Hosted by the College of the Sequoias, in partnership with TCOE and CreateTC, this unique show will highlight the artwork and creative expression of area K-12 educators. This five-week exhibition will be held in the COS Art Gallery located in the Kaweah Building at College of the Sequoias main campus in Visalia. The building is also home to the Studio Art and Art History Department. To support the artists, artwork will be installed by staff and trained student technicians. Entries are currently being accepted. The exhibition will run October 19 – December 3, 2021. For more information about this event, contact Kate Stover –


Region 8 Ventura County Office of Education – Anna Belitski, Regional Arts Lead

Given the current state of the school year and considering the demands of Distance Learning on teachers, students, and families, County Offices of Education are continuing virtual events in lieu of offering their regular Arts programs. Kern County has postponed 2020 events but has scheduled events for 2021. Santa Barbara County has created a menu of virtual performance options to increase Arts engagement during Distance Learning. Ventura County has planned distance professional learning opportunities for educators and continues to promote virtual Arts opportunities.


Ventura County Office of Education: Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN)
The Ventura County Arts Network (VCAN) was founded by the Ventura County Office of Education to provide a forum for arts educators and community members to celebrate accomplishments, share best practices, investigate resources and tools, and explore future collaborations. It is also an opportunity to hear what is going on at the state and local level. Currently meetings will provide resources and learnings around distance learning and the Arts.

Meetings are 2020, January 11, 2021 and March 15, 2021, all to be held virtually.

Teaching the Arts with Culturally Relevant Literature
VCOE will be offering a professional learning series for Region 8 TK-2 and 3-5 grade teachers- “Finish the year strong: Utilizing the Arts to Keep All Learners Engaged” Over two sessions we will focus on the Arts and artists of color using culturally relevant literature. The modules will introduce the Arts standards and focus on Chapters 8 and 9 from the Framework to ensure instructional shifts around Arts Integration and Effective Arts Education are considered.  Details will be available soon.

Ventura County Arts Council- Artists in the Classroom
Artists in the Classroom is a residency program offering eight-week programs for every K-8 school in the county. Professional visual, dance, music, poet and performing artist educators teach children of all ages. Many instructors bring a multi-cultural and historical awareness to lessons, helping students gain an understanding of their own cultures and other cultures, past and present.

Ventura County Museum of Art
While The Ventura County Museum of Art is currently closed, all events will be held virtually. Students may explore the museum’s collection online as well as engage in virtual learning modules.


San Luis Obispo County Office of Education- Arts Collaborative
The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Arts Collaborative includes a group of artists, art educators and arts supporters committed to sustaining and growing arts education in San Luis Obispo County. The Collaborative has posted a variety of videos for students, teachers and families on their website.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art: Youth Art Classes
Workshops and classes at the Museum are currently cancelled. However, the museum has created prompts that allow students to explore and create visual arts at home. Families may visit the website for prompts as well as resources to discounted supplies. Prompts are updated weekly.

SLO County Arts Council
SLO County Arts Council is revamping and restarting our beloved monthly art walk.  We have rebranded Art After Dark to Art and About.  We are more than excited about this opportunity to bring our community and art together again! Art and About will officially kick off in June 2021!  Check out the different Art and Abouts throughout the county every month:

 Art and About SLO – First Saturday art walk 5-8PM
Art and About Los Osos – Second Saturday art walk 1-4PM
Art and About Paso – Third Saturday art walk 5-9PM


Santa Barbara County Office of Education
SBCOE created an Arts Specific Covid-19 Response Guidance resource page support artists and arts education during the pandemic.

City of Santa Barbara Call for 2021-2023 Poet Laureate
The person selected shall seek to advance awareness of and appreciation for poetry, spoken word, and the literary arts within the greater Santa Barbara community over a two-year term.

As a spokesperson for the City’s literary community, the Poet Laureate shall endeavor to promote the artistic achievements of the City of Santa Barbara and shall actively participate in ceremonial, educational, and cultural activities in the community at various times throughout their term of service. The Santa Barbara Public Library serves as the official home of the Poet Laureate and a major partner in facilitation of the program. Download the guidelines here
Children’s Creative Project

The Santa Barbara County Education Office – Children’s Creative Project serves both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county schools with the following arts education programs.  Artists provide in-person and distance learning visual and performing arts workshops both during and after school hours. The project has created an Arts Catalog of virtual performances in dance, music, theater, and visual arts.

I Madonnair Italian Street Painting Festival 
I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival 2021 is going virtual. New street paintings dran with chalk pastels will be created by artists on their driveways for festival sponsors during the Memorial Day weekend on May 29-May 21, 2021. Photos of sponsored street paintings with sponsors’ names will be posted each day on our website and social media.


Teaching the Arts with Culturally Relevant Literature
VCOE is offering a professional learning series for Region 8 TK-5 grade teachers- “Finish the year strong: Utilizing the Arts to Keep All Learners Engaged” Over two sessions we will focus on the Arts and artists of color using culturally relevant literature. The professional learning will introduce the Arts standards and focus on Chapters 8 and 9 from the Framework to ensure instructional shifts around Arts Integration and Effective Arts Education are considered. Dates are May 4 and 11, 2021.

Ventura County Arts Council- Artists in the Classroom
Artists in the Classroom is a residency program offering eight-week programs for every K-8 school in the county. Professional visual, dance, music, poet and performing artist educators teach children of all ages. Many instructors bring a multi-cultural and historical awareness to lessons, helping students gain an understanding of their own cultures and other cultures, past and present.

Ventura County Museum of Art
While The Ventura County Museum of Art is currently closed, all events will be held virtually. Students may explore the museum’s collection online as well as engage in virtual learning modules.

Ventura Music Festival- Virtually Yours “Going for Baroque” Sunday, May 16, 3:00 featuring Nuvi Mehta and Back. Visit the website to make a reservation.


Region 9 San Diego County Office of Education – Pauline Crooks, Regional Arts Lead


The Stuart Foundation and CCSESA have extended support for the last rural arts cohort to further the goals in the strategic plan developed during the 2019/2020 school year. Imperial County will partner with Dr. Merryl Goldberg for a series of professional development for elementary district/school teams focused on understanding the foundations of arts integration with attention to cultural responsiveness. In addition to the funding, the expert coaching services of Peggy Burt are included to guide and support implementation. The goal is that these school teams would form the membership of a future arts education community of practice who would meet regularly to study the CA Arts Education Framework, develop lessons/units, and share best practices in arts education.


In partnership with Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ “Arts Teach” program, OCDE is hosting a professional learning opportunity for elementary classroom and music teachers titled “Voices, Faces and Feelings – How Music Connects to Social-Emotional Learning” on April 21, 2021 from 3:30-4:30pm. The registration cost is $25.00 per person and this opportunity is open to teachers in all counties.

The OCArts4All Virtual Arts Showcase is accepting art submissions from Orange County home, private, public and charter school students until April 9, 2021.

The Orange County Music and Arts Awards Nomination Form, is up and ready to receive your nominations for teachers, administrators and advocates. Nominations due Friday, March 26, 2021. This year will be virtual and will have free Registration which is due May 11,  2021.

VSA Orange County is accepting artwork from students in Orange County until March 24th for the 45th Annual Very Special Arts Festival. This is a countywide festival celebrating the artistic accomplishments of artists with disabilities and this year’s theme is “Be Brave, Be Kind, Be You! The Festival website is set to launch virtually on April 24th. For news and updates, follow VSA Orange County on Facebook!

Orange County Youth Art Month was celebrated virtually this year. You can enjoy the premier and the show gallery online until March 31 at the OCDE VAPA website.

Arts Orange County announced the winners for year’s Poetry Out Loud Annual Poetry Recitation competition. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

OCArts4All – OCDE has launched a social media campaign to spotlight and celebrate the great things that students and teachers are doing in the arts in Orange County. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter @Arts4Oc #OCArts4All

Arts Now Communities -OCDE is partnering with Arts Orange County to bring the California Alliance for Arts Education’s program called “Arts Now Communities” to Orange County. The program officially had its launch in November and met again in January. If you would like more information, please contact Shanin Ziemer at

OCMAA & Arts Organization Education Departments – Each month OCDE hosts three collaborative meetings to support programs and providers of arts education. All districts and arts organizations meet together to receive updated information from OCDE, share updates on their programs and collaborate regarding the annual “OCMAA Awards” event. Both districts and arts organization education departments also meet with OCDE separately to discuss issues specific to their work. 

Orange County Cappies – OCDE has a long history of partnering with the Orange County Cappies, a writing and awards program that trains high school theater and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders.


Arts Education Curriculum Units – The San Diego County Office of Education Curriculum and Instruction, Multilingual Education and Global Achievement, and Innovation Departments have collaborated to design distance learning units of study in grades K-12 that are focused on grade level essential learnings in each content area. These units were purposefully designed to integrate content, provide flexibility and choice. The units of study connect content in the following areas: ELA, ELD, Mathematics, Science, History/Social Science, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education through integrated study in K-5 and thematic units in grades 6 through high school. Assessment opportunities (formative and summative) and student feedback are embedded and intentionally developed. These open-source units are being developed in Google to ensure maximum flexibility for districts to use them with their preferred distance learning instructional platform. The units are available here: 

San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community – SDCOE and the Southern Counties California Arts Project (SouthCAP) partner in facilitating the San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community. This community of TK-12 school district arts leaders investigate arts education topics and current research, to maintain awareness of issues and policies impacting arts education in California.  The community provides a system of support for arts leaders to share, reflect, problem solve, and learn from each other, especially in our current circumstances with shifting contexts in face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid models of instruction.

Arts Empower San Diego – Arts Empower San Diego is a collective impact working to improve and support arts education in San Diego County.  The mission of Arts Empower is to ensure high-quality arts education for every student, supported through the collective impact of a motivated community of arts advocates.  The vision is for every student in San Diego County to be engaged in a personally relevant, equitable, standards-based arts education.  Arts Empower San Diego, in partnership with The Southern Counties California Arts Project (SouthCAP), assists districts throughout San Diego County in writing and implementing Strategic Arts Education Plans.  Fourteen school districts, serving sixty seven percent of the students in the county, have written strategic plans since Arts Empower first began this work in 2012.  Arts Empower facilitates all phases of the strategic planning process including advocating for a district plan, guiding districts in preparing and executing strategic planning, and supporting a district’s internal evaluation of its plan and subsequent actions. Please share your stories of how the arts empower you and/or your students by visiting the Arts Empower website and if you’re on Twitter, please connect with @ArtsEmpowerSD and use #ArtsEmpowerSD. 

Arts Empower San Diego Mega Rally Encore: Student Spotlight – This year, COVID-19 sent the annual Arts Empower Mega Rally in Balboa Park online to be reimagined in a virtual format. This one-hour encore event featured inspirational videos, artwork, and a panel interview of arts students from across San Diego arts County. Our keynote speaker was Brandon Steppe from David’s Harp Foundation. We heard from representatives of our arts education organizations – the California Art Education Association, the California Dance Education Association, the California Music Educators Association Southern Border Section, and the San Diego Theatre Educators Alliance.  Please share your stories of how the arts empower you and/or your students by visiting the Arts Empower website and if you’re on Twitter, please connect with @ArtsEmpowerSD and use #ArtsEmpowerSD.  Whether or not you were able to join us live on Mar. 11, you can watch a video of the event on YouTube to hear from teachers, leaders, and best of all – students who are continuing to use the arts to thrive during this difficult time. 

Arts Education Twitter Chat – Join @PCrooks_VAPA, @VAPAJeannine, @aaronbryan, and arts education experts from across the state for a Twitter Chat every Wednesday from 4 to 4:30 p.m. We are growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Let’s chat about the new state arts standards, best practices, and the great things happening in your classes. Whether you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before or are an expert, use this link to see the questions and learn how to join the conversation.   


Region 10 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools
Armalyn De La O, Regional County Arts Lead


Region X District Embedded Professional Learning

District based arts education professional learning community (PLC) support in Region X is designed to respond to individual district’s arts education needs and goals.  Current professional learning for districts includes supporting districts’ LCAP Priorities, expanding teachers’ capacities to support academic English language development, supporting teachers’ shifts to the newly revised California Arts Standards, building elementary teachers arts content knowledge and skills, and developing teacher’s capacities to address the needs of learners through Universal Designs for Learning. Region X partners with RIMS California Arts Project to design and implement the district embedded professional learning.  All professional learning can be designed to address distance teaching and learning in the arts.

Current District Work:

Barstow Unified School District: Barstow Fine Arts Academy
Colton Joint Unified School District
Fontana Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District

Arts Education Network (AEN) Meetings Focused on Current Arts Education Topics, Advocacy, County, Regional, State and National Arts Education Initiatives
San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office, RIMS California Arts Project and Arts Connection, San Bernardino County Arts Council hold quarterly network arts education meetings for K – 12, University educators and administrators.  For more information on upcoming network meetings, contact Armalyn De La O, or  for more information.

AEN Remaining Calendar for 2020-21: April 8 and June 3, 2021
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 PM

To register:

Partnership Work:

SBCSS, RIMS CAP and Arts Connection: Arts Council for San Bernardino County continues to partner on professional learning for teaching artists in the Inland Empire to address the needs of students in expanded learning programs.

Student Event:

Young Artists’ Gallery 2021 The juried student work will can be viewed virtually at


Region 11 Los Angeles County Office of Education – Jeannine Flores, Regional Arts Lead


Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL)
Since 2015, the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) have partnered with national, state, and cross-regional agencies such as: National Endowment for the Arts, LA County Quality and Productivity Commission, LA County Department of Arts and Culture, LA County Department of Mental Health to provide no-cost high quality professional development focused on arts integration tools, and resources. This TEAL Highlight Video celebrates a few of TEAL’s success along the years and goals met to support districts/charters & private networks to build capacity for equitable access to Culturally Responsive Arts Integration, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Student Voice and Leadership in the classroom, after the school day, and within communities.

Watch the TEAL Highlight Video to learn more.
Come join the TEAL Journey! Apply HERE now.

TEAL Artist Interview Series
Get up close and personal with meeting Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) Teaching Artists and their TEAL strategies in this video series. Each interview session will provide you an overview of TEAL Arts Integration and Social-Emotional Learning strategies with our TEAL artists in the areas of Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, STEAM, Theatre, and Dance. You will also be able to make connections to getting started with TEAL Introductory QuickstART Guides and Lessons.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education‘s (LACOE) Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) in the Division of Curriculum and Instructional Services shares a monthly newsletter with the school districts, charter school networks, private schools, non-public schools, and our Collective Impact Partners. CDOL’s signature

work is connected to arts integration and mental wellbeing using SEL as a foundation. The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to show how this critical work is connected while using a Collective Impact model.             

The Monthly MorSEL is a clearinghouse of resources, strategies, and information from our partnerships for the recipients to use to support this critical work at their school sites. Most important is the user-friendly manner this newsletter supports. It is accessible, shareable, and helpful. The newsletter format is perfect for sharing strategies and resources in small pieces – hence the play on the word morsel. We all need some SEL!

CDOL’s Monthly MorSEL Collection

April 2021March 2021February 2021January 2021
December 2020November 2020October 2020

Looking Ahead to 2021-2022 School Year Arts Coordinators Convenings
In partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture’s Arts Ed Collective and the Los Angeles County Office of Education, we will be offering five virtual meetings for school district arts coordinators and educational leadership. Colleagues from across the LA County convene to network, share strategies, and hear updates from the field. The virtual platform allows for access to all districts across our dynamic region. Topics will include the California Arts Standards and Framework, Arts and Social Justice, Arts and Equity, and other timely topics that administrators desire. 

Register for the series HERE

Scheduled Fridays at 2:00 P.M. are on:

September 17, 2021                  January 28, 2022

November 5, 2021                     March 25, 2022

                                                   May 20, 2022

Supporting English Language Learners Through the Arts
English Language Learners thrive in arts integration classrooms. This is a key foundational belief for Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) offered through the Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL). Teaching English Learners Through the Arts (TELA) is a federally funded grant and will be entering the last year of implementation. TELA online and in person resources deliver the Visual and Performing Arts disciplines, and include resources to increase the engagement and production of language development and content area knowledge for English Learners (EL’s), as well as supporting Social Emotional Learning (SEL).TELA will take a deep dive into Theatre strategies to support ELD standards. You can learn more about TELA HERE.

In Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms 2.0, we will focus on adding English Language Development (ELD) strategies to media arts integration professional learning. This series is designed for TK-6 teachers and 7-12 teachers looking to integrate media arts and ELD strategies into their classrooms. 

Media Arts 2.0 Overview – Understand the structure of the California Arts Standards and Arts Education Framework for Media Arts and learn about the EL Roadmap and ELD Framework with LACOE staff. 

Media Arts 2.0: Photography – Participants will gain skills and confidence integrating photography into their TK-6 classrooms. This session will be presented by experts from LA’s own Las Fotos Project.

Media Arts 2.0: Video Production – Get hands on by practicing video production skills to enhance learning with experts from public media stations, KQED and PBS SoCal

Media Arts 2.0: Audio Recording – Learn the process of constructing and developing audio and music recording using the features within Soundtrap. This art form will provide students with a platform to share their voices, create expressive stories, and collaborate with their peers. 

All sessions are on Thursdays from 3:00 – 5:00 P.M. 

Register for the series HERE.

September 22, 2021!
In partnership with CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative and the Center for Distance and Online Learning at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, we are proud to host a webinar on English Language Learners and the Arts. This interactive webinar will share best practices, strategies, and systemic supports to emphasize how the Arts are a vibrant and relevant strategy to nurture English Language Learners. More information and registration to come. Save September 22nd on your calendar!



Counties on the Move – Publication for Download

Click here to view and/or download a copy!


Knowing that the visual and performing arts contribute to effective schools, the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Arts Initiative continues to build capacity for arts education at the national, state, region, county, and local levels. As part of this effort, we continue to publicize examples of county superintendents’ support for arts education in an engaging informational booklet entitled Counties on the Move Toward Arts Education for All Students.  This CCSESA publication includes submissions from counties across California and provides a snapshot of the wide variety of arts education projects, programs, planning strategies, and collaborations provided by county offices of education.






The goals of the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) are to provide leadership and high-quality services to school districts by:

  1. Supporting academic achievement and continuous improvement, with a focus on closing the achievement gap:
    Strengthen county office of education capacity to support districts, schools, and county programs in fully implementing Common Core State Standards and preparing for SBAC annual state assessments in order to
    improve student achievement, with particular focus on underserved student populations, English learners, early learning, and college and career readiness.
  1. Developing collaborative leadership approaches that are future‐focused, and responsive to changing conditions: Take steps to build strong working relationships with CDE and state leaders, with CCSESA Steering Committees, COE superintendents, and leaders in districts; seek collaborative approaches that support districts in their improvement efforts while continually building CISC’s internal leadership capacity.
  2. Addressing national initiatives:
    Provide leadership that supports California in developing and implementing plans to address federal initiatives, including Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and ESSA.
  3. Providing leadership for California initiatives impacting instruction and student achievement:
    Work in collaboration with other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in the areas of key statewide initiatives such as implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, Local Control Accountability Plans, the Quality Schooling Framework, and other statewide initiatives.
  4. Providing leadership for technology‐based curriculum and instruction approaches:
    Work in coordination with other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in areas related to technology and
    innovation including virtual schools and courses, online professional development resources and tools, electronic textbooks, and other technology-based areas that influence and accelerate teaching and learning.


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