March/April/May CCSESA CISC Arts Subcommittee Report


March/April/May 2021-22

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CISC/Arts Subcommittee Members
CCSESA Statewide Arts Update
Creativity at the Core Professional Learning Modules
State Arts Update
– The California Arts Project (TCAP) Update
– California Department of Education Update
– Create CA Update
Regional Highlights
Counties on the Move Publication
CISC Committee Goals


Curriculum and Instruction (CISC) Arts Subcommittee

Dr. Gary Waddell, Chair
Assistant Superintendent, Equity & Educational Progress Division & Public Affairs, Santa Clara COE

Jeanette Spencer, Co-Chair
Senior Advisor for District Support & Educational Leadership, Butte COE

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Statewide Arts Initative

Sarah Anderberg, Director

California Department of Education (CDE)

Letty Kraus, Education Programs Consultant

Allison Frenzel, Education Programs Consultant

The California Arts Project (TCAP)

Kristine Alexander, Executive Director

REGION 1 Arts Lead
Stacy Young, Humboldt COE –
REGION 2 Arts Lead
Jennifer Spangler, Butte COE –

REGION 3 Arts Lead
Dr. L. Steven Winlock
, Sacramento COE –

REGION 4 Arts Lead
Bernie Phelan, Alameda COE

REGION 5 Arts Lead
Sofia Fojas, Santa Clara COE

REGION 6 Arts Lead
Amy Bultena, Stanislaus COE –

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Aaron Bryan
, Fresno CSS –

REGION 7 Arts Co-Lead
Kate Stover, Tulare COE –

REGION 8 Arts Lead
Lisa Salas Brown, Ventura COE –

REGION 9 Arts Lead
Pauline Crooks, San Diego COE –

REGION 10 Arts Lead
Louisa Higgins, Riverside COE –

REGION 11 Arts Lead
Jeannine Flores, Los Angeles COE –

Contact List of CCSESA’s Regional and County Arts Leads

View and/or download a complete list of Regional and County Arts Leads linked here (updated 4/28/22).

Please contact Jessie Mapes at if you see any needed changes.


Below are the dates for the Arts Leadership meeting dates for 2022-23. These align with the planned 2022-23 CISC membership meetings dates that are also scheduled the same week. Please mark your calendars. Note that we will begin the year with virtual meetings and make determinations about the format as we monitor conditions in the coming year. We will follow with times, zoom links, and calendar invites once we have solidified plans for 2022-23.

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022
  • Wednesday, November 16, 2022
  • Wednesday, January 25, 2023
  • Wednesday, March 15, 2023
  • Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Some members of our group have posed the idea of perhaps scheduling one or two face-to-face meetings that may extend over two days in the upcoming academic year and we will explore this possibility more and, when appropriate, take a recommendation to CISC leadership while keeping a pulse on health and safety conditions as well as county office travel policies. Once the new director for CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative is in place, this person will also be part of planning for the upcoming year. If we make any alterations to the calendar above, we will likely build on the existing dates listed. 

CCSESA Names New Director for CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative

CCSESA is pleased to announce that Letty Kraus is the new State Arts Director beginning July 1st.   She has a vision for the work, enthusiasm and is thrilled to be part of our CCSESA team.  We are excited to have her at the helm of the Statewide Arts Initiative. Thanks to Jim Brescia, Mary Sakuma and Mary Ann Dewan for their assistance in the interview process to make this important selection. Letty will replace Sarah Anderberg, who is retiring after 16 years. View the full release here.

NEW Creativity and Leadership Resources

The CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative is building a library of resources on creativity and leadership for county offices of education. The library currently hosts ten “Creativity Research Briefs” which are one-pagers, each highlighting a key concept from the body of research on creativity. The “Research Briefs” focus on topics such as “Motivation and Creativity,” ” A Bias Towards Action,” and “Everyone Can Be Creative,” among others. Each Research Brief includes a brief description, reflection prompts, and suggestions for further reading. You can access the research briefs here:

 Download a copy of the Creative and Leadership Resource flyer linked here.

Additionally, five “Creative Leadership Briefs” were developed for use by county offices of education focusing on leading creatively. These include topics such as “Fail First,” “Brainstorming,” and “Building Dynamic, Creative Teams,” among others. Stay tuned as we continue to build out a library of bite-sized resources for use by the field in presentations, documents, and professional learning opportunities. Special thanks to Dr. Gary Waddell who has been spearheading this effort. You can access the Creative Leadership Briefs here:

CCSESA Creativity at the Core Professional Learning Modules

Explore CCSESA’s statewide programCreativity at the Core. Here you will find professional learning modules focused on many key topics that support arts learning and California State Standards. You will see how regional teams including Regional Arts Leads from across California and key Arts Organization Partners collaborated on professional learning materials that we hope you will be able to use in your own educational and arts settings.

Click here to view/download a brochure of CCSESA’s Creativity at the Core online modules developed for educators!

CCSESA Creativity at the Core Module 25: Leveraging English Learner Assets through the Arts

We encourage educators to access the new CCSESA Arts Creativity at the Core Module 25: Leveraging English Learner Assets through the Arts. This module focuses on using the Arts as a lens through which we view the importance of cultural and linguistic connections English Learners make to the Arts. Leveraging student assets and building into and from the content will provide full and meaningful access to 21st century skills, resulting in attaining high levels of language proficiency and mastery of grade-level standards {K-12 Music).

All students, including those learning English, should be actively engaged in standards-based academic curriculum and have rigorous, supportive, equitable learning experiences in all content areas, including the arts {dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts).

• The arts provide opportunities for students to access language and to express themselves
• Each arts discipline has its own language {symbol systems, vocabulary, movements, etc.)
• The arts can provide a level playing field when students are all new to the language of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts
• The collaborative and creative nature of the arts disciplines provide authentic opportunities for students to explore, experiment, and practice speaking in their new language and learn from peers
• Includes kinesthetic, aural repetition, inclusion in an ensemble, careful monitoring of progress, and opportunities for cultural connections {building empathy)

This module will highlights the importance of cultural and linguistic connections English Learners make to the Arts. Leveraging student assets and building into and from the content will provide full and meaningful access to 21st century skills, resulting in attaining high levels of language proficiency and mastery of grade-level standards (K-12 Music).

Hats off to Pauline Crooks and Rim Haroun, Coordinators for the San Diego County Office of Education, for leading this effort and to all the other artists and educators that contributed to this monumental resource. A Canvas course will be added soon to the module in upcoming weeks.

To view the module, click here.

CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) 2021-22

The progression of CRAN Professional Learning 2021-22 has included four sessions. Scroll down to read a recap of Session 4 held on April 29, 2022.

We extend a thank you to all who were able to participate at the final CCSESA Rural Arts Network (CRAN) professional learning session this morning, where we focused on Making the Data Dance: The Power of Story – Wrapping it up for Systems Change with special guest speakers Patti Saraniero, Ed.D., Amy Bultena, Rebecca Bailey, and Pauline Crooks.  

A list of resources/links from the meeting including presentation slides are available below:

  • CRAN Google slide deck is linked here.
  • Patti’s presentation (PDF) is linked here.  
  • Amy’s presentation (PDF) is linked here.
  • Rebecca’s presentation (PDF) is linked here and CASEL Program Guide
  • Pauline’s presentation (PDF) is linked here.

CCSESA Arts Newsletters 2021-22

A comprehensive summary of efforts to support arts education can be found in the monthly newsletters produced by CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative. The newsletters also highlight programs and events offered by county offices of education. Also, the newsletter contains state and federal organizational updates.

Arts Ed Twitter Chat – #CaArtsEdChat

Join @PCrooks_VAPA@VAPAJeannine@aaronbryan, and other arts education leaders from across the state for the #CaArtsEdChat, a Twitter Chat held every Wednesday from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. We’re growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Join us as we discuss topics such as: the newly adopted CA Arts Framework; integrating the arts and technology; arts and anti-racism; and much more!

New to Twitter, or just want to learn more about the Twitter Chat or see the questions in advance? Visit

Student Artwork Featured at CABE 2022 Online Conference

The CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District to coordinate an online art exhibit featuring California students (grades TK-12) for the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) Online Conference taking place this week (March 29-April 2, 2022). The beautiful collection of artwork represents students from 47 schools in 32 school districts throughout 13 counties. Sarah Anderberg served as Honorary Chair and Jessie Mapes served on the CABE 2022 Conference Planning Committee and created the final slideshow presentation linked below on YouTube. Congratulations to all the county office leaders who were featured in the CABE 2022 Conference!

Click here to view the slideshow (YouTube).


The California Arts Project

Celebrating supporting implementation of the California Arts Education Framework!
The participating representatives of the collaboration between The California Arts Project, CCSESA Statewide Arts, CCSESA’s Curriculum and Instructional Steering Committee, and the California Department of Education Initiative celebrated the end of Year 1 of a three-year plan supporting the California Arts Education Framework. The collaboration created and implemented a virtual Framework launch, Infographics and Handouts, a Framework slide deck, and a California Arts Education Framework Resources for Implementation hub. The hub provides access to these resources. Additional implementation support and resources will be provided by the collaborative over the next two years.

Upcoming TCAP Professional Learning Programs

TCAP’s 14th Courageous Creativity Conference – July 6 – 8, 2022 – Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa      

We are back in person! New month – New Disneyland Resort Location – Other Changes

Join us in this leadership conference to:

  • dig deeper into the new CA Arts Education Framework and Standards,
  • engage in critical conversations for arts education,
  • network with educators from across the state, and
  • experience arts & entertainment in action.

Registration will open soon. To receive registration information when it opens join the interest list.

2022 TCAP Regional Network Communities – May 18 & 19th – 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

TCAP’s Arts Education Regional Network Communities serve to further equitable, standards-based arts education to promote students’ artistic literacy. This year, the Networks convene online quarterly K–post-secondary arts educators (dance, media arts, music, theatre, visual arts, and CTE AME). In these unprecedented times, forging new opportunities, the Networks provide a unique opportunity for teachers and administrators to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas, and stay informed of regional and statewide arts education issues.

To register for TCAP’s no cost Regional Networks, visit TCAP Regional Arts Education Networks or contact for more information.

  • Los Angeles Basin California Arts Project’s Arts Education Network – Serving Los Angeles County on May 18, 2022
  • RIMS California Arts Project’s Arts Education Network – Serving Riverside, Inyo, Mono, San Bernardino, and Kern Counties on May 18, 2022
  • Southern Counties California Arts Project’s Arts Education Network – Serving Orange, San Diego, and Imperial Counties on May 18, 2022
  • Bay Area and Central Valley California Arts Project’s Arts Education Network on May 19, 2022
  • Northern California Arts Project’s Arts Education Network on May 19, 2022

TCAP’s Mini-Series for District and School Leaders: Implementing Effective Arts Education Mini-Series

The 2020 CA Arts Education Framework provides guidance for equitable and effective arts education programs and illuminates the importance of providing professional learning in arts education.  This TCAP two-part virtual mini-series will unpack Chapter 9 of the 2020 CA Arts Education Framework and engage arts education leaders and administrators in conversation and reflection.  Register for one or both episodes. There is no cost. Registration link.

May 26, 2022 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Episode 2, “Leading to Ensure Professional Learning for Effective and Equitable Arts Education,” will explore the various professional learning needs of arts educators in different contexts as well as the leaders who guide them. Hear from a panel of district leaders from small, medium, and large CA districts, sharing their approaches and commitment to professional learning and the impact it has had on student learning.

Inquiry: Why Now?  Educational Leaders Workshop Summer Schedule

The California Arts Project (along with our partners in the California Subject Matter Project  and 21st Century California School Leadership Academy ) are hosting “Inquiry: Why Now?” Educational leaders are invited to join this 2-day workshop series to explore how inquiry-based instruction fosters equity.  This FREE workshop will address the following questions:

  • What does inquiry-based learning look like?
  • How do I support inquiry-based learning?
  • How can I leverage inquiry-based learning to improve access, opportunity and inclusion for student populations who have historically been marginalized and underserved?

This workshop is designed for leaders in education and is tailored to support student needs in your region. Find out more and register today.

Customized Professional Learning Programs

Contact TCAP at to arrange or learn more about TCAP’s customized and context specific arts education professional learning programs for schools or districts. 

Arts Education Resources on TCAP’s Website
The TCAP website  has useful arts education information and resources for teachers, administrators, and arts education advocates. Newly added to the  Arts Education Resources website tab is a collection of resources related to safe school opening and arts education. Visit often, as the collections are updated and expanding. 

The California Arts Project
California Subject Matter Project –
Facebook – The California Arts Project

Follow TCAP 

California Department of Education

California Exemplary Arts Education Award

A component of the California School Recognition Program (CSRP), the California Exemplary Arts Education (EAE) Award was part of the California Distinguished Schools (DS) Program. In 2013, the California Department of Education (CDE) modified the California DS Program to award special recognition to EAE Programs. Eligible schools were able to apply to be recognized as a California EAE Awardee if they met the eligibility criteria to apply to be recognized as a California DS Awardee. Beginning in 2020, the California EAE Award will have its own eligibility criteria and application process.

Staying consistent with the California DS Program, the California EAE Award recognizes elementary and middle and high schools in alternate years and allows eligible schools to apply for the California EAE Award once every two years. Schools recognized as a California EAE School Awardee hold the Title for two years.

Schools recognized as a California EAE Awardee represent a broad cross-section of educational delivery models from traditional comprehensive elementary and high schools to Magnet schools to district and independent charters. These schools serve diverse demographic populations of varying sizes, the largest being a 3700-student urban population down to a 250-student rural population. Some schools serve primarily Title I students from lower socio-economic circumstances and others serve suburban populations with strong district and community financial support.

Read Full Announcement linked here. The deadline to apply is March 30, 2022. For questions, email or call (916) 319-0893.

2022 AME Institute: Shock of the Now – April 4-6, 2022 (Virtual) and June 20-22, 2022 (Live in Burbank)

Registration is open for the 2022 AME Institute: Shock of the Now. We greatly appreciate your partnership, support, and efforts to promote this event within your network. We couldn’t pull this off without you!

Event details:

The 2022 AME Institute will be a virtual and live professional learning event designed to immerse AME teachers in the cutting edge of AME. Meet the individuals and technologies that are pushing the boundaries of media and storytelling for the creative industries.

AME Virtual Institute

  • April 4, 5, and 6 (3:30-6pm)
  • Future of StoryTelling Speaker Series, AME Sponsor Spotlights, and AME Program Development Sessions
  • Location: virtual platform

AME Live in Burbank Institute

  • June 20, 21, and 22
  • Kick-off day on Warner Bros Studio Lot, Networking Events, and AME-exclusive Externships and Workshops
  • Location: in and around Burbank

2022 Institute flyer, is linked here.
Registration is linked here.

Create CA

March Create CA Social Media Toolkit

March is Arts Education Month! – To celebrate this year, we’re highlighting that the arts are proven to rebuild communities, the economy and our students’ futures by creating careers, encouraging civic engagement and aiding in mental wellbeing. Use the hashtags #CreativityisNotOptional and #ArtsEdRebuilds and encourage your community to do the same!

April Create CA Social Media Toolkit

Making arts education in a priority in schools can lead students to successful careers in any field! Help us to fight for equitable, well-rounded arts education in schools to ensure that all students have the best options for their futures. 

May Create CA Social Media Toolkit

Creativity is the key to innovation. Without a full, accessible and well rounded arts education, students lack the important skills that are needed creating a better world. Join us and Create CA in continuing the fight for access to equitable arts education for all.

Join the conversation, and talk about the issue in your community using the hashtags #CreativityIsNotOptional and #ArtsEdRebuilds.

Check out today to find resources for advocating for a full and relevant arts education!

REGIONAL HIGHLIGHTS – Submitted by the Regional Arts Leads of the CISC/Arts Subcommittee

REGION 1 Humboldt County Office of Education – Stacy Young, Regional County Arts Lead

Del Norte County Office of Education

Del Norte continues its district-wide assessment of arts programming.  With the goal of gaining insight into the particular needs and strengths of our schools, the assessment will be used to focus future professional development and staffing efforts.  In April, through the partnership program with Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness (DNACA), the Dance Arts Students at Del Norte High School were able to participate in a Tango Master class with Los Tangueros del Oeste.

Humboldt County Office of Education

Humboldt had the final training in the 4 year regional federal grant Arts & Creativity Initiative (ACI). Dissemination activities are being planned for next year. HCOE is thrilled to have hired a second learning specialist in the arts to do the grant work of ArtSEL over the next 4 years. The first training with all certificated and classified staff in the 7 ArtSEL schools begins May 14.

Lake County Office of Education

Lake ACI Teachers are practicing Actors Tool box regularly in class. They are using the visual thinking strategies learned in the program to look at are, and to preview ideas before reading. Teachers are just starting their shadow puppets.  

Mendocino County Office of Education

Our current VAPA work includes supporting teachers in the Arts and Creativity Initiative. Participating educators have recently been using Shadow Puppetry to enhance student’s social and emotional competencies, and integrate VAPA, ELA, and NGSS standards. The Get Arts in School (GASP) continues to offer K-12 students’ opportunities to learn from and create with local artists. Current projects involve art history, creative journaling, podcasting, and expression through dance. 

REGION 2 Butte County Office of Education – Jennifer Spanger, Regional County Arts Lead

Butte County Office of Education

Arts Integration Lesson Study Series Focused on History/SS Teachers

We concluded a four part lesson study with middle and high school single subject History/SS teachers. The basis of the workshop was Module 24 of Creativity at the Core. We unpacked Module 24’s section on arts integration then went in-depth in break outs by grade level exploring lesson planning with an emphasis on the artistic process, Creating. Additionally, teachers learned visual literacy strategies and the elements of art to share with their students. This allowed for a greater emphasis on the CA Arts Standards’ artistic processes of Responding and Connecting. This was a collaboration between Glenn County Office of Education, Butte County Office of Education (BCOE), and Stanislaus County Office of Education.

New Online Directory of North State Arts Education Providers to Launch

With support from Hewlett foundation funds, Region 2 Arts Lead, BCOE, is developing an online directory of arts education organizations and teaching artists that will be launched by July 2022 for Region 2 counties. The goals of the project are to better connect providers with schools and to help facilitate outreach from larger organizations based in Chico or Redding but who serve all the counties in the region.

Picture – Preliminary web page landing page

First Full School Year of Trauma Informed Teaching Artist Program Wraps Up

During the 21/22 school year BCOE placed Teaching Artists in 26 residencies at K-12 schools, served 403 students, 12 teaching artists taught classes in Music, Visual Art, Theatre, Media Arts in typical 10 week sessions. We held a workshop for the program’s Teaching Artists in April to debrief and continue their training in social emotional learning while exploring the new CA Arts Framework section on SEL and arts education.

REGION 3 Sacramento County Office of Education – Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Regional Arts Lead

Sacramento County Office of Education

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is committed to supporting Arts Learning Leadership in the disciplines of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts, K–16. Through state and federal Art Grants, an Arts Esprit de Corp Network, various partnerships, professional development offerings, rotating arts exhibits, and current arts research news updates, SCOE provides an avenue for administrators, teachers, students, and community members to be involved in Advocacy of Arts Education.


  • California Arts Council
  • Crocker Art Museum
  • California Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE)
  • California County Superintendents Education Services Association (CCSESA)
  • California Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC)
  • California Department of Education (CDE)
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC)
  • Sacramento For Art’s Sake Initiative
  • UC Davis Education Arts and Humanities

REGION 4 Alameda County Office of Education – Bernie Phelan, Regional Arts Lead

Alameda County Office of Education

Arts, Media, and Entertainment Week

Alameda County Office of Education in partnership with Earn & Lean hosted the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector Week (March 7-11th) as part of Art Education Month. Superintendent L.K. Monroe facilitated the opening and closing sessions. There were over 250 participants for the week consisting of students, teachers, and community members (event flier linked here).

This event consisted of seven, one-hour sessions designed to education learners around the varied industries, as well as showcase companies in these field:

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    Kyle Ellington, Director of DI&B for the Oakland A’s – Facilitated by Superintendent L.K. Monroe 
  • A Conversation with Kelly Corrigan
    – Podcast host of Kelly Corrigan Wonders and host of the PBS show Tell Me More.
  • A Conversation with Peter Nicks, Emmy Award winning Director of The Waiting Room and Homeroom
  • Demystifying Hollywood
    Matt Stroup, Director of Digital Education at Key Code Media; Johnathon Amayo, VP of Community Development for Runway; Chief Academic Officer for Key Code Media; Tyler Shanklin, Post Production Supervisor at Wolverine VFX; Chuck Dulin, Founder & VFX Supervisor at Wolverine VFX
  • Bay Area Youth Programs
    Wendy Levy, Executive Director – The Alliance; Dawn Valadez, Director – BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition); Shirley Yee, Senior Director, Programs – YR Media; and Villy Wang, Founder & CEO – BAYCAT
  • A Conversation with Allie Rasmus, KTVU Reporter and facilitated by Superintendent L.K. Monroe

REGION 5 Santa Clara County Office of Education – Sofia Fojas, Regional Arts Lead

Monterey County Office of Education

Summer Day Camp at the First Night Monterey Studio

Children of all ages love the chance to be creative, and First Night Monterey’s Summer Art Camps use arts as a catalyst to nurture creativity and enhance skills in a non-competitive, safe, fun environment. No prior experience or talent needed. There is a lot of fun and learning with age-appropriate mentoring as your children create in a real studio environment and have the opportunity to paint, draw and make with a variety of materials. Each Friday features a gallery exhibit of their work completed during the camp week.

Camp flyer linked here. Information/registration linked here.

Monterey County VAPA Collaborative Network

VAPA Collaborative Network opportunity to share promising practices in order to support the CA Art Standards for grades PreK – 12.

September 22, 2021/January 26, 2022/April 27, 2022
Registration linked here.

Monterey Bay CUE Student-Powered Film Festival

Submissions opened January 2022 for the 5th annual film festival for students in kindergarten through high school living in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties.

This year’s theme is Earth Day, videos focused on conservation and the environment.

Watch this Zoom recording to learn about ways to incorporate the Film Festival into YOUR grade level curriculum and standards linked here. You can view the 2021 film festival linked here.

Monterey Art Camps

This summer, Monterey Museum of Art is offering safe, creative experiences and tons of fun for children at the Museum on Pacific Street and our beautiful La Mirada location! Summer Camps are taught by professional educators, offering a wide range of skill-building and creative outlets for children ages five through thirteen.

Information and registration linked here.

Limited Space! Early registration recommended.

Santa Clara County Office of Education

Young Artist Showcase

Young Artist Showcase Virtual Celebration – May 19 at 4:00 pm. The showcase is open to public school students grades pre-k to grade 12 in Santa Clara County.This year’s theme for the 2022 Young Artist Showcase was Contact Zones, The Places Where We Meet. This is a celebration of human connections. Many of the students’ pieces illustrated the many different ways they connected to each other, to themselves, and to their respective communities. Sixteen districts, one hundred-eleven students and eighty-one pieces of artwork can be seen at the following link on the Artspiration website on the Young Artist Showcase page linked below. Anouk Yeh is the keynote for our event.

The ArtsEdConnect Grant is in its third round funding this year. We were able to fund an additional 100 applications for teachers to work with artists in their classrooms, purchase arts materials, or provide arts experiences in the community! The grant period runs from January to June this year. Thank yu to SVCreates for being a wonderful partner!

Region V Summer Arts Integration Institute

June 20-23, 2022 Harbor High School, Santa Cruz CA

The Arts leads in four county offices of education – Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey – are collaborating to bring an exciting 4-day conference dedicated to teaching educators strategies to incorporate arts learning into the curriculum in their classrooms!

The theme is ‘Connection’. The mission of the conference is to provide standards-based, culturally responsive learning in arts immersion and arts integration so that students have equitable access to arts education and the opportunity to develop their voice and & empower leadership; creativity; equity lens; social and emotional wellness; and connectedness.

We envision a community of teachers, teaching artists, and administrators who develop and demonstrate the skills and knowledge to support equitable, culturally responsive arts education in our schools.

K-12 Teachers and teaching artists are welcome to apply! You will:

  • Share and inspire best practices for CA standards-based arts integration AND integrated learning between content areas
  • Explore creativity and its role in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM) and the language arts
  • Show the connections between arts education and the LCAP goals including, but not limited to, school climate and culture; student engagement; social-emotional wellness and learning; equity, and the Social Justice Standards
  • Provide models for both immersive arts experiences and arts integration

Facilitators include:

  • Aimee Espiritu, Arts Equity Professional Expert, and Katherine Silva, Arts Integration Professional Expert from the Santa Clara County Office of Education;
  • Amalia Diaz and Camilo Ortiz, music specialists and music teachers in El Sistema Santa Cruz. Pajaro Valley;
  • Monica Galvan, visual arts specialist and Program Coordinator for Mariposa Arts; and,
  • Lauren Yurkovich, a freelance illustrator and credentialed K-12 arts teacher.

​​Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Arts Integration Community of Practice

We have been meeting monthly exploring topics including arts integration, the intersection of social emotional learning and the arts; and the connection of the arts and equity & justice.

We met on the following Thursdays (the third Thursday of the month): October 21, November 18, January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

UCSC’s Monterey Bay Area Math Project Monterey Bay Science Project 15th Annual Winter STEAM Conference
Suggested Audience: K-12 Educators

Sessions included:

  • Lessons Study
  • Math Games and Math Movement
  • Math Science and writing
  • Science for K – 12 teachers and students
  • Environmental Literacy and Science

Arts Council Santa Cruz: Virtual Classroom in All Art Forms
Suggested Audience: Teachers, Students, Families

Welcome! Here you’ll find lesson plans, activities, and video tutorials in visual arts, dance, music, and theater with our talented Mariposa Arts, SPECTRA, and Artist Teacher Partnership teaching artists. We hope that these pages engage you, students, and families to learn about the arts at home until we can be together again in the classroom.

More info is linked here.

Bring Classical Music Into Your Classroom

No cost and no teacher preparation
Support for students’ Social Emotional Learning: Listening to Music
5 minutes/day
Easy to access online
Ready to start? APPLY HERE
Need more information?
Contact Audrey Sirota, COE Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
 or Lee Duffus, Symphony Volunteer CMC Coordinator

The Orchestra SWINGS

The Santa Cruz Symphony, Carnegie Hall, and the Santa Cruz COE bring you Link Up: The Orchestra Swings For the  2021-22 School Year

We will be offering 2 days of concerts with Maestro extraordinaire Daniel Stewart and MC extraordinaire Omari Tau.
This program is for students in 4-5th grade. Students learn selections such as “It Don’t Mean A Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing” – Duke Ellington and “Juba” from Symphony No. 1 by Florence Price.

San Benito County Office of Education

SBHS’s Awareness Club is hosting the “Awareness Campaign & Art Show” on May 26, 2022

On Thursday, May 26, from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., San Benito High School’s Visual and Performing Artists will present the annual Awareness Campaigns and Art Show. Culinary artists will provide delicious cookies for the event, which will take place on the VAPA campus. The Advanced Artists have been building their Awareness Campaigns on topics of their choice. They will have coloring pages, buttons, cookies, and more to hand out to their booth visitors. Art teacher Christina Ross said, “It has been great to work with these talented artists, to see their passion, and witness their growth as global citizens designing artwork to help create an inclusive and diverse community.”

San Benito Arts Council – San Benito County’s Strategic Arts Plan: Arts Forward is in the final editing stage and was adopted by the SBCOE School Board in December 2021.

SBC Arts Collaborative
Join our SBC Arts Collaborative to engage in professional development focused on standards-based arts integration strategies and processes with content and arts educators.

Join us for a special series:
**The Arts of SEL for English Learners series by Peggy Burt: Dec 7,  Feb 3, March 22, April 19, and May 17 from 4-5 pm

Registration is linked here.

Earth Day Celebration

On April 23rd., 2022 the SBCOE joined with partners from all over the county to celebrate “Earth Day” in San Juan Bautista. Hundreds of families joined in to participate in Environmental Arts experiences!

The SBCOE and The SBC Arts Council have partnered on The Murals for the Rurals Arts Integration Project for the 2021-2023 school years. Teachers, students, and teaching artists are working together at 10 school sites to design, plan, and create beautiful murals that integrate the arts and other disciplines.

REGION 6 Stanislaus County Office of Education – Amy Bultena, Regional Arts Lead

Stanislaus County Office of Education

  • Stanislaus COE is designing a shareable edition of their strategic arts plan.
  • Stanislaus is beginning work to write a strategic arts plan with county districts.
  • Stanislaus COE is working with Patterson Unified School District to provide year-long arts integration training.
  • Stanislaus COE is working with Salida School District to provide year-long arts integration training.
  • Stanislaus COE is working with Paradise School District to provide ongoing arts professional development.
  • Stanislaus COE sends a monthly arts newsletter to 1800+ recipients of Region 6.
  • Tuolumne COE sends a monthly arts newsletter.
  • Stanislaus COE designed and maintains a guidance document for county and district leads and teachers about how to safely conduct arts classes in the era of COVID-19.
  • Stanislaus COE offers three virtual fieldtrips to local Region 6 businesses that integrate the arts.
  • Stanislaus COE is hosting the April and May Emotional Art Show
  • Stanislaus is hosting a free, Saturday, making event for the community; called Maker Hoopla
  • Stanislaus COE is offering free arts workshops on Social Emotional Learning and the Arts
  • San Joaquin COE is hosting a county-wide art show in May
  • San Joaquin COE is organizing a week-long arts camp for summer 2022
  • Stanislaus COE is offering the following workshops to all of Region 6
    • Social Emotional Learning and the Arts x 2
    • Fall Y’all Arts Integration
    • Winter Wonderland Arts Integration
    • Spring Thing Arts Integration
    • Digital Applications for Student Creativity x 2
    • Sketchnotes x 2
    • Writing and Teaching Integrated Units
    • Visual Literacy x 2
    • Universal Design for Learning and the Arts Integration x 2

Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools

Tuolumne COE sends a monthly arts newsletter.


REGION 7 – Tulare County Office of Education & Fresno County Superintendent of Schools – Kate Stover & Aaron Bryan, Regional Arts Co-Leads

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

Fresno County Superintendent of SchoolsFresno County Summer Arts Academy (FCSAA) – The Fresno County Superintendent of Schools is partnering with Fresno City College to provide an incredible opportunity for high school students to stay engaged in the arts and creativity throughout the summer! The FCSAA is a FREE 4-WEEK DUAL ENROLLMENT SUMMER ARTS PROGRAM that will provide students opportunities to develop their skills in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Speech and Debate, and Theatre! This program is truly 100% FREE for Fresno County high school students! Students will receive up to 3 Dual Enrollment units (unit numbers vary depending on the course they choose). All courses are taught by Fresno City College faculty and are supported by Arts Education Assistants – college students hired by FCSS to serve as mentors to the high school students and instructional supports for faculty.

Courses offered include:

  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Modern Dance
  • Film Production
  • Speech and Debate
  • Choir
  • Theatre: Stagecraft
  • Theatre: Acting

In addition to outstanding arts education instruction, students will be certified in Teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) through the National Council for Mental Health and Wellness. Students will complete 6-hours of training to help them identify the signs of suicide and depression, know how to intervene to help a peer in crisis, and understand the resources available to support mental health and wellness. This training will be led by FCSS Arts Education Management who are certified tMHFA instructors.

Spanish-Language Arts Education Outreach – As part of a grant from the Hewlett Foundation, the FCSS has created and ran media spots for Spanish-language radio and television, as well as social media, that highlighted the impact of arts education on student success in school and beyond! The “¿Sabia Que?” initiative encouraged parents to get involved in their school’s LCAP process to ensure that their child has access to the arts every day! For a preview of the television spot, visit

The target demographic for the media campaign was listeners/viewers age 25-49 years old. Among that group, analytics showed the following reach in the 30 days of the campaign:

  • Spanish TV = 183,746 impressions
  • Spanish Radio = 1,654,600 impressions
  • Spanish Social Media = 179,371 impressions
  • Total Impressions = 2,017,717

Kings County Office of Education

Check out the May edition of Kings County Arts in Action for more of the amazing arts taking place in schools throughout Kinds County (

Madera County Office of Education

Madera County Schools Foundation and Madera County Superintendent of Schools hosted ArtsFest on Saturday, May 7th. This was a free event for the public.

Children were able to participate in free hands-on art activities. The event also featured live art demonstrations and outdoor and indoor performance stages with instrumental and vocal student performances.

The event was held in conjunction with a student art gallery. 428 students from 32 schools in Madera County competed in an art contest this spring. Artwork from students in kindergarten through high school were displayed in a student art gallery at the event. 

Students competed in separate divisions: K-3rd grade, 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade. Pieces were judged in separate categories: 2-dimensional art, 3-dimensional art and still photography.

For more information, please call Kristi Winter at 559-662-3873.

Mariposa County Office of Education

Mariposa COE Arts Consultant and Executive Director of the Mariposa Arts Council, Cara Goger, was one of the featured speakers at the Create Eastern Sierra Spring Arts Institute (CESSAI) in Mammoth, CA. Cara shared about the work of the COE and Arts Council to connect the community to the classroom through creative placemaking initiatives that center the voices of the indigenous tribes and other marginalized voices in the community. Cara’s presentation was titled “Our Town: Connecting the Community to the Classroom.”

Tulare County Office of Education

Tulare County Launches 5-year, $1.7 Million US Department of Education Arts Grant – In Tulare County, arts education is stepping into the spotlight thanks to the support of a new grant from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). The Tulare County Office of Education has been awarded a five-year, $1.7 million grant under the USDOE’s Assistance for Arts Education (AAE) program. For this highly competitive grant, the department reviewed 109 applications and funded 27 programs in 15 states. This is TCOE’s first major grant award for arts education.

AAE grant funds will support TCOE’s new Quality Arts Instruction and Learning (QUAIL) Project. Housed in Educational Resource Services under the direction of Kate Stover, arts staff development and curriculum specialist, the QUAIL Project aims to make an impact on Tulare County. The primary goal of the no-cost QUAIL Project is to provide high-quality, standards-based arts education for all Tulare County students in the five arts disciplines (dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts). Participants in QUAIL will develop and freely share these resources through a rich professional learning series that welcomes all educators – single subject art specialists, general education teachers, administrators, counselors, and community arts educators. In addition to school-year professional learning opportunities, the program will also offer an intensive summer institute training and reactivate the county’s artists in schools program.

Rooted in improvement science, QUAIL will provide coaching and mentoring for educators, as well as academic and social-emotional supports for students. The arts aid in developing social-emotional wellbeing by providing students with a vehicle for expression, an opportunity to celebrate culture and history, and a way to understand the world they live in.

The program will also feature an opportunity for local artists and industries to get involved. “Along with all of our support for educators and students, we are expanding our reach deeper into the communities through our existing CreateTC Arts Coalition,” Stover said.

For more information on the QUAIL Project, contact project director Kate Stover at

REGION 8 Ventura County Office of Education – Lisa Salas Brown, Regional Arts Lead

Santa Barbara County Office of Education

Kai Tepper @imadonnarisb

Children’s Creative Project (CCP) will be presenting the 36th annual “I Madonnari Festival” in person at the Santa Barbara Mission. Over 100 artists of all ages will come together over Memorial Day Weekend to produce chalk paintings on the street. Special highlights this year include collaborations with student-led school groups as well as performances by talented youth musicians. All proceeds from the festival support CCP’s arts education programs serving TK-12 public schools within SB County.

New this year, CCP has partnered with a national arts collaboration, The Art of Mass Gatherings, to host a one-day symposium on Saturday, May 29 in tandem with the festival.  The Art of Mass Gatherings is a traveling national program that uses festivals as classrooms to activate an arts-focused approach to community resilience and emergency preparedness. It invites artists, event producers, and emergency professionals to come together to share knowledge and practices for enhancing the safety, accessibility, and sustainability of large gatherings. The event is free to attend for the first 50 participants thanks to a grant from Performing Arts Readiness.

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Kern County Superintendent of Schools is hosting a virtual Cultural Arts Showcase. The Cultural Arts Showcase incorporates students’ art expressing their culture, environments, and views of their world. The Cultural Arts Showcase is for grades Kindergarten through twelve grades. Students’ visual art pieces are displayed through the Canvas platform for the rest of the school year. Student visual art pieces are currently being collected and uploaded to the Canvas platform.

San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

In addition to the many wonderful programs implemented throughout its eleven districts, the County Office of Education has created a Student Outreach program that connects students and professional Artists. During the pandemic, local artists created video content to share with students and teachers. These videos can be found at The SLOCOE Arts Collaborative website.

The SLOCOE Student Art Gallery will feature some of the best student artwork from the 2021-22 school year. The gallery is located in Studios on the Park in downtown Paso Robles.

Through the generosity of local donors, the SLOCOE Arts Collaborative was able to provide 500 complimentary tickets to Opera San Luis Obispo’s grand production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel! The productions ran the weekend of May 6-8 at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center. Students, parents, and staff from all over SLO County were able to attend.

Ventura County Office of Education

The 2022 VCOE Student Art Exhibition and Spring Open House provides students and teachers from our Special Education and Court and Community Schools an opportunity to display creative work from the classroom in a highly public place that honors their work as an effective path to learning and knowledge for all. Artforms include:

  • Painting/Drawing (Any medium)
  • Sculpture (Any medium)
  • Performing Art (Song, Dance, Poetry, Music, etc…)
  • Multimedia

This year’s Student Art Exhibition and Open House will be hosted at the Museum of Ventura County – Agricultural Center with an evening in-person opening and a virtual event. This event also provides VCOE employees, student parents and visitors with an opportunity to learn more about each of our schools in a beautiful environment and provides the means to be in touch with VCOE’s principal customers—students.

Ventura County Equity Conference

The focus has been our Equity Conference coming up on March 22, 2022. Last year 2021, we held our conference, which included an Art showcase in a virtual format. We only had two submissions.  This year we have a full video show of 77 art submissions collected county wide that will be the opening show of our virtual event which has over 300 educational partners registered to attend. This is a part of our Social Justice Taskforce, in which I am a member. 

The Museum of Ventura County – Secondary high school arts

The Museum of Ventura County on March 18, 2022, provided a one day of professional development centered on the Museum’s library, collections, and application of curatorial methods of curriculum-based education, SEL, and trauma informed education. Licensed psychotherapist and professional artist, Megan Bisbee, worked with Art and Language Arts teachers. Museum educators and other staff collaborated with VCOE district administrators to facilitate learning experiences that provide teachers with an opportunity to build knowledge, and practice techniques that are directly applicable to teaching. Participating teachers discovered local art and history that is relevant to Art and Language Arts curriculum.

REGION 9 San Diego County Office of Education – Pauline Crooks, Regional Arts Lead

Orange County Department of Education

Orange County Department of Education (OCDE)

Community of Practice 2022-2023 This year our theme will be “See me, know me.”

By integrating culturally sustaining pedagogies and social emotional learning practices, teachers explore connections to our Framework to support students’ cultural, mental, social, and cognitive health. Last year we focussed on
“The Arts as Wellbeing” from our Philosophical Foundations and Lifelong Goals in our Standards. This year we will focus on “The Arts as Culture, History and Connectors.”

Our driving questions will be: 

  • How do we validate and affirm students through Arts Education? 
  • How do we promote a sense of inclusion and belonging in school through Arts Education? 
  • How do we ensure that students see themselves in the materials that are presented and designed? 

We will meet at OCDE and our dates will be Monday, August 1, 8:00am-3:00pm, Tuesday, February 8, 4:00pm-5:00pm and Tuesday, February 7 4:00pm-5:00pm.

“My Name, Face and Story” – 

The 2022 OCArts4All Student Art Showcase is intended for students in public, private, charter, and home schools. All submissions originate from school teachers or administrators and are based on school/district programs. Orange County university art gallery directors reviewed online submissions and recommended artwork for public display. Selected 2D artwork will be displayed at Crystal Court in South Coast Plaza from Saturday, May 28-Thursday, June 9 and 3D artwork and Animation will be displayed for one night at the Orange Coast College Art Building on Tuesday, May 24 at 5:00pm and information about those in-person receptions are at this link. Submitting teachers will meet with the student art selection team made up of Orange County College Art Gallery Directors on Wednesday, May 25 at 4:00pm at OCDE to debrief and discuss next year’s show. Submitting teachers can sign up at this link. Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach has selected works for their show which will occur from July through August. 

The Orange County Music and Arts Award recipients have been announced and are listed at this link. Award winners will be honored on Wednesday, May 17, 2022, 5:00 p.m. at the Samueli Theatre in the Segerstrom Center for the Arts and tickets can be purchased at this link.

Arts Now Communities – OCDE is partnering with CreateCA and Arts Orange County to bring the Arts Now Communities program to Orange County. This is a great opportunity for community members to partner with their local school districts to support arts education. If you would like more information, please contact Shanin Ziemer at

OCMAA (Orange County Music and Arts Administrators) – Each month OCDE hosts virtual meetings with district arts educational leaders and arts organizations. Our focus this year remains on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and each month a different SEL competency is highlighted and connections are drawn to our new Arts Framework and VAPA Standards. District arts leaders also meet separately to discuss long-term goals and current needs.

OCArts4All is the social media campaign to spotlight and celebrate the great things that students and teachers are doing in the arts in Orange County. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @Arts4Oc #OCArts4All 
Districts and arts organizations are invited to use this link to submit information for OCMAA Meeting Agendas and OCArts4All Newsletters.

San Diego County Office of Education

San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)

Arts Education Twitter Chat – Join @PCrooks_VAPA, @VAPAJeannine, and arts education experts from across the state for a Twitter Chat every Wednesday from 5 to 5:30 p.m. We are growing a statewide virtual professional learning community for educators, artists, and others passionate about arts education. Let’s chat about the new state arts standards and framework, best practices, and the great things happening in your classes. Whether you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before or are an expert, use this link to see the questions and learn how to join the conversation.   

Arts Empower San Diego Ovation Awards – Arts Empower San Diego is a collective impact working to improve and support arts education in San Diego County. The mission of Arts Empower is to ensure a high-quality arts education for every student, supported through the collective impact of a motivated community of arts advocates. The vision is for every student in San Diego County to be engaged in a personally relevant, equitable, standards-based arts education. This month, Arts Empower will be recognizing educators, leaders, students, teaching artists, and community members who support arts education in County Board of Supervisors Region 1 of San Diego County. Follow the recognition on Twitter by following @ArtsEmpowerSD and searching for #ArtsEmpowerSD. 

Introduction to Arts Integration Professional Learning – Build an awareness of how arts integration using theatre strategies can activate your curriculum in any content area. This online, asynchronous course developed by the La Jolla Playhouse will guide educators through a deep understanding of the value of standards based arts integration, how to develop an ensemble mindset in the classroom, assessment through the arts, and ways to connect community arts organizations to schools. Course includes example lesson plans, teacher testimony, and resources to guide arts integration into standards based curriculum. This course was designed in collaboration through the Kennedy Center Partners in Education partnership between the La Jolla Playhouse and the San Diego County Office of Education with funding provided by the CCSESA Arts Initiative. This free course has already been taken by ninety educators and teaching artists and is available upon request using this link.

REGION 10 Riverside County Office of Education – Louisa Higgins, Regional Arts Lead

Mono and Inyo County Offices of Education

Create Eastern Sierra Spring Arts Institute, April 29-30 2022

With support from CCSESA Arts Initiative and the Mammoth Lakes Foundation, Inyo and Mono County Office of Education recently collaborated with the Mono Arts Council to provide a unique, retreat style professional learning event for educators in the Eastern Sierra. The theme of the conference, Arts Integration and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), was addressed through two keynotes and several workshops. In addition to the sessions, educators also had the option of participating in a yoga session or guided painting workshop, attending to adult SEL was central in planning the event.

Riverside County Office of Education

Riverside County just wrapped up its Virtual Instrumental and Choir Festivals for both soloists and ensembles.  509 middle and high school band and choir directors, and their students participated and received county recognitions.  The 2nd annual Fine Arts Spectacular for middle and high school student artists will have an awards reception on May 12th, featuring the winning artworks at the Walter N. Marks Gallery at College of the Desert. All finalists will be showcased in an online gallery.

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

The San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) has been providing an opportunity for students enrolled in elementary – high school music programs to be selected to participate in our county honor bands and orchestras. This county program has been in existence since 1986.  

At the same time since 1996, young Visual Art students enrolled in a middle or high school arts course have been eligible to be juried into the Young Artists’ Gallery exhibition. This exhibition is a partnership between SBCSS, RIMS California Arts Project and the Arts Connection: Arts Council for San Bernardino County.

SBCSS’ newest opportunity in the arts is the Celebration of the Performing Arts held in the historic venue, The California Theatre. The showcase has been in existence for six years. Student performers are enrolled in a dance, music, or theatre class during the school day. The purpose of the program is to showcase the hard work and dedication of our performing arts teachers and students. 

Watch San Bernardino County Superintendent Ted Alejandre’s monthly Inspiration message linked here (YouTube) or click below – Vol. 8 Issue 4 April 25, 2022.

REGION 11 Los Angeles County Office of Education – Jeannine Flores, Regional Arts Lead

Los Angeles County Office of Education

Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL)
Since 2015, the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL) have partnered with national, state, and cross-regional agencies such as: National Endowment for the Arts, LA County Quality and Productivity Commission, LA County Department of Arts and Culture, LA County Department of Mental Health to provide no-cost high quality professional development focused on arts integration tools, and resources. The TEAL Highlight Video (below) celebrates a few of TEAL’s success along the years and goals met to support districts, charters & private networks to build capacity for equitable access to Culturally Responsive Arts Integration, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Student Voice and Leadership in the classroom, after the school day, and within communities.

TEAL Highlight Video

Come join the TEAL Journey! Apply HERE now.

The TEAL Virtual Introductory Toolkit supports TK-8 Educators with making connections and getting started with integrating art strategies within the classroom. Explore and engage now using the TEAL Introductory QuickstART Guides and Lessons within the toolkit.

Very Special Arts Festival – Back In-Person!
On Friday, April 29th, The Music Center‘s 43rd Very Special Arts Festival hosted K-12 students from across Los Angeles county. This is an annual free and inclusive event celebrating the artistic achievements of students with all abilities. The festival features professional and student performances, visual and performing arts workshops, and a student art exhibit created around a theme that is introduced each year. This year’s theme was “The Arts Heal L.A.”

The Festival was presented in partnership with The Music Center, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). LACOE provided accommodations for hearing-impared students and arts integrated lesson plans that teachers can use before or after the festival. LACOE Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Debra Duardo gave a warm welcome to all who were in attendance.

Los Angeles County Poetry Out Loud Winner Advances to National Finals
Congratulations to 11th grader Mia Ronn of The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, on winning the regional, state, and national semifinals of Poetry Out Loud. Mia is 1 of 9 students advancing to the finals. For this competition, each student memorizes and recites classic or contemporary poems selected from the Poetry Out Loud anthology. Mia was the Los Angeles County Poetry Out Loud winner in February. It has been a delight to see her advance through the state and national competitions.

The national Poetry Out Loud finals will be on Sunday, June 5th at 4:00 P.M. Hosted by Poet  Kwame Alexander, the national finals feature recitations and interviews with the finalists and a live announcement of the 2022 Poetry Out Loud National Champion.

About Poetry Out Loud

“A partnership of the National Endowment for the Arts, Poetry Foundation, and the state and jurisdictional arts agencies, Poetry Out Loud™ is a national arts education program that encourages the study of great poetry by offering free educational materials and a dynamic recitation competition for high school students across the country.”


Counties on the Move – Publication for Download

Knowing that the visual and performing arts contribute to effective schools, the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Arts Initiative continues to build capacity for arts education at the national, state, region, county, and local levels. As part of this effort, we continue to publicize examples of county superintendents’ support for arts education in an engaging informational booklet entitled Counties on the Move Toward Arts Education for All Students.  This CCSESA publication includes submissions from counties across California and provides a snapshot of the wide variety of arts education projects, programs, planning strategies, and collaborations provided by county offices of education.

Click here to view and/or download a copy!



The goals of the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) are to provide leadership and high-quality services to school districts by:

  1. Supporting academic achievement and continuous improvement, with a focus on closing the achievement gap: Strengthen county office of education capacity to support districts, schools, and county programs in fully implementing State Standards and preparing for SBAC annual assessment in order to improve student achievement, with particular focus on under-served student populations, English learners, early learning, and college and career readiness.
  2. Developing collaborative leadership approaches that are future-focused, and responsive to changing conditions: Take steps to build strong working relationships with CDE and state leaders, with CCSESA Steering Committees, COE superintendents, and district leaders; seek collaborative approaches that support districts in their improvement efforts while continually building CISC’s internal leadership capacity.
  3. Addressing national initiatives: Provide leadership that support California in developing and implementing plans to address federal initiatives, including Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and ESSA.
  4. Providing leadership for California initiatives impacting instruction and student achievement: Work in collaboration with CDE, state leaders and other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in the areas of key statewide initiatives such as implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, Local Control Plans, the Quality Schooling Framework, and other statewide initiatives.
  5. Providing leadership for technology-based curriculum and instruction approaches: Work in coordination with other key stakeholders and CCSESA steering committees to provide leadership in areas related to technology and innovation including virtual schools and courses, online professional development resources and tools, electronic textbooks, and other technology-based areas that influence and accelerate teaching and learning,


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