Assessing knowledge, skill, and understanding is a crucial component of a sequential and comprehensive arts education. This section provides overview of arts assessment with additional tools and resources that illustrate key concepts.

Learning in the arts can be assessed in meaningful ways that are valuable to students, teachers, schools and districts. Using multiple forms of assessment captures nuances that are missed with only one approach. Each assessment tool provides a new piece of information and insight and broadens our understanding of students’ learning and work. Assessment should be embedded into the learning process and ongoing throughout the school year (rather than occurring at only one point in the calendar). Student artists benefit greatly from the circular process of creation, analysis, and revision. This section shows how arts assessment is a critical component of arts education.

Arts Assessment Resource Guide

This guide provides a review of literature in arts assessment and includes print and web-based references for educators to use when designing and implementing both classroom-based and district-level assessments. Through research and interviews, the writers have gleaned valuable resources with information that will help guide arts assessment efforts. This guide provides definitions, links to key tools and resources, and examples of district level standards-based arts assessment efforts in California and other states.

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