Dance Integration

Barreside Chats
Interview section of the Web site. Interviews and articles with many of the top dance artists in all of the major dance genres. Valuable information for beginner to professional.

CDEA – California Dance Educators Association
The California Dance Educators Association is the professional organization devoted to Dance education. Select Coming Events and Workshops, Conferences, and Auditions to view calendars.

Dance Magazine is an excellent resource for students, teachers, artists, and parents. It contains news articles relevant to dance, question and answer areas with choreographers, artists, and teachers, a calendar of events searchable by state and city, reviews of dance performances, links to colleges and universities, and discussion forums. QuickTime is required to view dance performance video clips. The commercial aspect is minimal, but advertisements and classifieds are available.

Dance Spirit
Online version of Dance Spirit Magazine. Articles are focused toward middle school and high school dance classes with specific information for high school dance teams. A convenient search tool is included and many articles are available from back issues.

Dance USA
Dance/USA advances the art form of dance by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of the professional dance community. “Job and auditions” post openings in the area of ballet, modern, and miscellaneous jobs.

Choreographer and dancer Paulette Beauchamp founded DanzActiva in Puerto Rico. Young people with Down syndrome dance in company repertoire influenced by Beauchamp’s Afro-Caribbean culture, classical ballet, contemporary dance, the contrasting drama of ancient Japanese tradition, and other styles of theatre that include illusions and masks. The site is available in English and Spanish and features still photos of the multimedia dance presentations.

Infinity Dance Theater
Infinity Dance Theater is a nontraditional dance company committed to expanding the boundaries of dance and changing the world’s perception of what a dancer is. The company performs works that include a variety of disciplines such as onstage singers, actors, and theatrical techniques including gesture and story. Infinity has developed a curriculum for teaching this wheelchair dance technique which is deeply rooted in the principles of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. Demonstration video is available for downloading.

National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)
The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) advances dance education centered in the arts. As a nonprofit organization, NDEO is dedicated to promoting standards of excellence in dance education through the development of quality education in the art of dance through professional development, service, and leadership. They hold public discussions, sponsor institutes, workshops, conferences, and programs. Click on National Programs to view information on the programs that NDEO carries out across the United States.

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