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CREATE CA teams innovative thinkers from multiple sectors of California’s creative economy, public and private, to rethink and create an educational environment for all California students that features arts education as a central part of the solution to the crisis in our schools.

Arts education in California classrooms is receiving some much needed attention by a group of educators, artists, and business leaders through  CREATE CA coalition.

For the past two years, this group has been working strategically throughout the state to, in the words of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, “foster a Renaissance in arts education” for California schools. Their work is paying off for our students.

These efforts are building from the foundational work completed by California’s team to the 2011 National Endowment for the Arts Education Leaders Institute. California’s six-member team developed a challenge statement to guide its work. California should “ensure each student reaches his or her full potential by broadening California’s educational vision, policy, and practices to promote innovation, economic development, and creativity.”

A coalition, CREATE CA, was created to address the full inclusion of arts into the California public education system. The coalition has engaged in discussions, planning, and collaboration with a variety of organizations, associations and interested parties.

Organizational Members

Sarah Anderberg

Director, CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative

Joe Landon

Executive Director, California Alliance for Arts Education

Sherry Griffith

Executive Director, California State PTA

Anne Bown-Crawford

Executive Director California Arts Council

Jason Spencer

Director; Superintendent's Initiatives Office, California Department of Education and Chair Elect Superintendent of Public Instruction Office

Individual Elected Members

Dr. Janice Jackson

Education Consultant

Mariana Astorga-Almanza

Lynwood Unified School District

Robert Bullwinkel

Partner, Big Idea

Kris McClung


Francisca Sánchez

CEO Provocative Practice

Merryl Goldberg

Professor, School of Arts, CSU San Marcos

Aldo Ramirez

Director Family Engagement Office - San Bernardino City Unified School District

Charles McNeil

Integrated Learning Specialist, Alameda County Office of Education

Jesús M. Holguín

CREATE CA Chair and Former President, California School Boards Association Moreno Valley Unified School District

Program Director

Patricia A. Wayne

Program Director, CREATE CA

Developing collaborative partnerships (people and organizations from multiple sectors working together with a common purpose) is a prominent strategy for ensuring that our children have a quality arts education. Collaborative partnerships allow us to do more than we can do alone.  We know that in order to make collective impact we need key partners who have a shared vision for the students of California. Below you will find the five anchor organizations involved in CREATE CA.  To find out more about CREATE CA, go to the following link:

Read more here:

California Alliance for Arts Education

The California Alliance for Arts Education promotes, supports, and advocates visual and performing arts education for preschool through post-secondary students in California schools (click here for CAAE Statements of Belief).

  • The California Alliance for Arts Education and its member organizations:
  • Facilitate a statewide arts education information network
  • Advocate for statewide policies to ensure that every student benefits from an arts education
  • Educate state and local policymakers and parent organizations about the benefits of the arts as integral to a complete education.
  • Recognize student achievement in the arts and promote arts education excellence in California schools
  • Develop strategies to ensure standards-based instruction and professional development of qualified teachers and artists
  • Initiate collaborations with local, state, and national arts and education agencies to develop programs and resources

California Arts Council

The California Arts Council works for a broad public understanding of, and appreciation for, the positive impact the arts play in enriching cultural, economic, and intellectual life in our communities and schools. The California Arts Council is a state agency governed by an 11-member policy-setting council appointed by the Governor and the Legislature to advance the state through the arts and creativity. Council members and professional staff have experience and expertise in the arts, creative industries, education, community development, state and local government, and the nonprofit and for profit sectors.  The California Arts Council encourages widespread public participation in, and appreciation of, the arts and creative endeavors. The agency helps build strong arts organizations at the local and statewide level, directly supports arts programs for all citizens, assists with the professional development of arts leaders, supports arts education in schools in all areas of the state, and promotes awareness of the value of the arts. The California Arts Council does this by administering a number of competitive grant programs and special initiatives, collecting and disseminating information, and assisting organizations and individuals.

The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association

The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA)  provides the organizational mechanism for the 58 County Superintendents of Schools to design and implement statewide programs to identify and promote quality, cost-effective educational practices and services; and to provide support to school districts in the areas of student services, curriculum and instructional services, fiscal accountability and business services, and technology and telecommunications. CCSESA’s Arts Initiative provides arts learning services and support to school districts and county offices of education involving identified arts regional lead county offices in all 11 service regions of the state.

The California Department of Education (CDE)

The California Department of Education has supported arts education to varying degrees in recent years. Some years, arts education has been supported by block grants or categorical funding supporting standards-aligned arts instruction in kindergarten through grade twelve. Identified local educational agencies were able to use funding to hire additional staff; to implement or increase staff development opportunities; and to purchase new materials, books, supplies and equipment for dance, music, theatre and/or visual arts. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has committed to the development of a new policy document to guide the California Department of Education and other stakeholders in arts education, tentatively titled, Blueprint for Creative Schools: How the Arts and Creative Education Can Transform California’s Classrooms.

California State PTA

With nearly 850,000 members, California State PTA’s mission is to positively impact the lives of all children and families. PTA focuses on four major areas:  education, health, parent involvement and community concerns.  As part of that focus, PTA has a long standing commitment to arts education for every student at every school, in conjunction with a comprehensive, quality education.  California State PTA sponsors many efforts to support arts learning in California schools through its SMARTS program, Parents for the Arts Network, and its involvement in CREATE CA.







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