The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards Public Review

The National Coalition for Core Arts Standards has released the draft Standards for public review. It is very important that the California voice is heard in this process. California has a writer on each of the discipline writing teams but we need feedback from the field prior to a final modification meeting in August. The standards are Scheduled to be released in final form in April of 2104.

Please take a few moments to review the Standards for your content or feel free to review standards from multiple disciplines.  Please note that there are  Standards for Media Arts in addition to Visual Art, Music, Dance and Theatre. If you work in the Media Arts area it would be very valuable for you to review these as well.

It is a relatively short review window and it is a survey based review. The each survey has open response questions in addition to the item selection response. Your input in both areas is very valuable in the revision process.

Please watch the attached introductory video that provides information on both the writing process, Standards format, and review responsibilities of each reviewer

If you have any questions about this process- please contact Jack Mitchell  by e-mail at and I will try to provide support.

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