Los Angeles Unified School District Arts Instructional Guide


Program Descriptors:

  • Traditional, charter, magnet
  • Urban, suburban
  • Elementary, middle, high school
  • Dance, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Standards-based curriculum

The Arts Education Branch of LAUSD has completed a draft of their K-6 Arts Instructional Guides (AIG) and is piloting the guidelines this year in their 310 elementary Arts Program Schools. The elementary Arts Instructional Guides are designed to be a comprehensive map of instruction and assessment in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts for classroom teachers, arts specialists, and arts partners, in order to guarantee all students a fully articulated, sequential, and comprehensive K-6 arts education.

Small study groups composed of teachers (approximately 12 in each discipline) are led by content specialists, who worked together for 3 years to create curriculum in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. In the fourth year, they joined with the remaining staff to collaboratively plan and revise sample lessons based on these guides and used the lesson study model. The sequence of that development is outlined below.

The components of the K-6 Arts Instructional Guides are:

  • Scope and Sequence for Grade Level
  • Organizing Elements for Each Module
    • Enduring Understandings
    • Benchmarks and Performance Tasks
    • Scoring Guide
    • Essential Questions
  • Module Sequence
  • Delineation of Roles and Responsibilities for instructional delivery for classroom teachers, Arts specialists, Arts providers, parents and community
  • Strategies for Differentiated Instruction
  • Extensions and Connections
  • Glossary
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