CCSESA Arts Launches New Standards-Aligned Learning Modules

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This week educators gather in Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University for the first Creativity at the Core Summer Institute, where the CCSESA Arts Initiative is launching its newly developed professional online learning modules that link the visual and performing arts with the California State Standards, including the Common Core.

“The new standards call for students to use critical thinking skills and creative exploration,” said Terry Lenihan, Director of Art Education at Loyola Marymount University. “The arts provide the means for students to understand themselves, culture, history, language and make connections across the curriculum. Educators are looking for new strategies to engage students in a new way through deep learning in the visual and performing arts.”

The Creativity at the Core Summer Institute will unveil professional learning modules that were developed in all 11 regions of the state. Arts Organizations partnered with County Offices of Education to create innovative learning modules. Some modules dive deeply into different and varied texts and provide strategies for students to investigate, gather evidence, and integrate arts learning. For example, The Music Center in Los Angeles partnered with a rural County Office of Education in Shasta County in Northern California to create a module entitled: Distance Learning through the Arts: Equal Access for All. Another Module: On Stage: English Learners and Theatre Arts/Language Development provides resources and strategies to engage English Language Learners using theatre strategies and processes.   A total of 15 modules are now available online.

“What makes this institute exciting is that it brings together teachers, teaching artists, administrators, and educational leaders from across California representing rural and urban settings. We are confident that the professional learning in the conference will be easily translated to different educational settings across the state, making a huge impact on students”. Said Carrie Roberts, Administrator for The California Department of Education and member of the Creativity at the Core Leadership Council.

”As we explore how creativity connects with arts learning, Common Core standards, and other curricular areas, we acknowledge the value of arts learning both as courses of study as defined by our state Ed Code, but also as vital subjects that connect across the curriculum — opening up many interdisciplinary opportunities for connections, relationships, and applications.” said Sarah Anderberg, Director of the CCSESA Statewide Arts Initiative and Creativity at the Core.

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