2016 Creativity at the Core Summer Institute

2016 Summer Institute Program

Summer Institute Program



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2016 Summer Institute Resources

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July 28th
Breakout Sessions & Presentations

Animating Common Core State Standards

Story Spine
Storyboard Template

Close Reading with Musical Theatre Lyrics

Alone in the Universe lyrics and scene
Alone in the Universe Lyrics

Alone in the Universe PP
Close Read POYW Little Mermaid
Part of Your World

Arts, Media and Entertainment on The Cutting Edge

CTE Pathway Standards – Art Media Entertainment

Which Way Do I Go

Data Facilitation Guide
Art Strategies in CA LCAPs
Continuum Grid Tooklt

Data Is The New Kale Presentation

Arts Education Data Project

Collaborative Art Making Activity

Group Sculpture Activity with Patty Taylor

July 29th
Breakout Sessions & Presentations

My Name, My Identity Presentation

My Name, My Identity

We Are Made of Stars Presentation

We Are Made of Stars PowerPoint
Art of Reviving Schools
Imagine We
Let’s Build A City

Starry Possibilities
We Are Made of Stars Poem
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Student Voices Presentation

Flyer for the 2017 Student Voices Campaign

Intensive Workshop Opportunities in Downtown San Jose

Studio Opportunities in Downtown San Jose

July 30th
Breakout Sessions & Presentations

How Do K-5 and 6-12 Teachers Plan Instruction
in Literacy Through the Arts?

Arts and Common Core Resources
Guiding Principles – Arts
PLM Lesson Ideas
Technical Subjects PowerPoint

Conscious Youth Media Crew (CYMC)

Reel Hood Heroes Journey Flyer

Sing, Dance, Dream Presentation

Uno, Dos, Tres Andrés!

Additional Resources

Cocktail Umbrella Center Piece Decorations
Common Core State Standards
Blueprint for Creative Schools

*Note: For all Creativity at the Core module handouts and resources, please see the corresponding modules available here.

Institute Speakers

Art Project

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